Bocairent – Pou Clar hike

14th of April


Let’s visit Bocairent – a village carved out in a rock, do the Barranc dels Tarongers route, make a refreshing stop at the Pou Clar pools and visit the artificial caves – Covetes dels Moros.

Departure: 9:30
Return to Valencia: 19:00
Meeting point: Joaquín Sorolla station
Dificulty: medium/low (12km with 400m of elevation gain).
Bring 1.5l of water, lunch and hiking shoes.

The Historic Quarter

The visit to the old town of Bocairent, declared historic-artistic site is essential, especially after having contemplated the impressive panoramic view from the road. It has a peculiar layout of streets, in the purest Arab style, with climbs and descents, stairs, squares, alleys… A walk along the steep streets, for which the proper shoes are recommended, will show us the corners of great beauty. Fountains and pots with flowers mark the entire walk, which can take us to one of the three shrines of the old town: Sant Joan, Mare de Déu dels Desemparats and Mare de Déu d’Agost.

More info: (Casco Antiguo)

Clariano River

The source of the Clariano River is to be found in Bocairent. Running for over 40 kms and eventually flowing into the Albaida River, it forms part of the catchment area of the Júcar River. On its course towards Ontinyent it has scuplted the network of natural pools known as the Pou Clar. From here it runs on towards Aielo de Malferit before reaching Montaverner, where it flows into the Albaida River, an affluent of the Júcar River. The force of the river water has been a key element in Bocairent’s agricultural and industrial development. Throughout its history complex systems of irrigation have been employed, from those designed by the Arabs, up to the modern era and the use of industrial machinery.

More info: (Río Clariano)

Covetes dels Moros

These are a group of cave-windows, or man-made caves with holes in the shape of windows, which were carved into the side of a rock escarpment. Situated on the right hand side of Fos Ravine they are only 300 metres from the town’s old quarter. This is the most complex and numerous of all the cave-window groups found at the head of the Clariano River. There are others located in gullies and ravines between Bocairent, Ontinyent and Alfafara.

More info: (Covetes dels Moros)

Every person attending must read the description thoroughly and evaluate whether he/she is capable of doing it.  Even though I do my best to ensure the safety of every participant of the event, I cannot take responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the hike. By deciding to attend the hike you agree to these conditions.

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