Lookout Points of Chulilla

September 29

Chulilla is probably the most famous hiking place in the Valencian Community. This time were going to do a somewhat different route – get up to the lookout point above the village to get the best views of Chulilla, the canyon and surrounding areas. The route will consist of several loops, passing through the village various times.

Distance: 14.3km with 630m elevation gain (longer option)
9.8km with 390m elevation gain (shorter option, without optional Frailecico loop)
Meetin point: Av. Aragón, in front of Mestalla stadium
Meeting time: 9:00 (better to be there some 10 min earlier)
Bring at least 1.5l of water, lunch (well stop for lunch break along the route), swimsuit (if you like cool water), hiking shoes and sunscreen.

Cruz de la Muela

The first lookout point is located just 1.5km from Chulilla up on a hill right above the village. Here you get the best views of the Eastern side of Chulilla and also the ruins of its castle. This will be the first loop and it will take about an hour and 15 minutes to get back to the main square.

The Castle of Chulilla

The second loop will be done around the castle of Chulilla – a loop about 2km in length.
The Castle of Chulilla, in Valencia, is located at the top of one of the mountains of the town, a fortress that was declared a Historic Artistic Monument in 1981. Muslim construction, Chulilla Castle was for many years an ecclesiastical prison under the property of the Bishopric of Valencia. Currently, you can visit it for free.

More info: Sapos Y Princesas

Frailecico and The Caves

Those who still feel strong will be able to make an optional loop and get to a lookout point at the other side of Chulilla – el Frailecico. On the way down from there we will also pass by two caves – Cueva del Gollizno and Cueva del Tesoro.
If you want an easier option – you will be able to go directly to Charco Azul, our final point of interest of the day.

Charco Azul

The origin of the name Azul (blue) is very curious and even though the lake is intense blue, this is not the reason for its name. The name is derived from an Arabic term Azud that indicates the presence of a small dam in the area that was used to water the orchards of the town. When we arrive at Charco Azul we have the feeling of having reached a kind of dream paradise. The turquoise color of this place next to the walls that guard it, just 10 meters wide at its most narrow point, make this place something incredible.

Source: MundoXDescubrir

Every person attending must read the description thoroughly and evaluate whether he/she is capable of doing it.  Even though I do my best to ensure the safety of every participant of the event, I cannot take responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the hike. By deciding to attend the hike you agree to these conditions.

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