Forat de Bernia

May 1


Let’s go to one of the most spectacular natural lookout points in the Mediterranean – Forat de Bérnia. It is a tunnel that will help us cross the mountain and go to the other side to contemplate the magnificent views of the valley and the coast.

Here is a video of the tunnel:

This time we have two guides, therefore we’ll do the excursion a little bit differently. We’ll split the group in two – one part will make the standard route (medium difficulty), while the other will hike up all the way to the summit (medium/high difficulty).

Departure: 9:30
Return to Valencia: 19:00
Meeting point: Mestalla (under the bat)
Dificulty: Option 1 – medium (10km with 350m of elevation gain).
Option 2 – medium/high (12km with 600m of elevation gain).
Bring 1.5l of water, lunch, sunscreen and hiking shoes.

Bar Refugio – Vista Bernia

The starting/ending point will be bar refugio, where can have a drink before and after the hike and enjoy the impressive views from its lookout point.

The Climb

The trail leading up to the tunnel is the steepest part, but it is not that long. Plus, we’re going to do it in the beginning, while we’re still full of strength and enthusiasm.

The Bèrnia Fort

The Bèrnia Fort, located 850 meters above sea level, next to the Mediterranean, has a curious history. In 1568, King Felipe II entrusted Vespasiano and Antonelli with the construction of the fortifications on the coast of the Kingdom of Valencia. Juan Bautista Antonelli, an Italian military engineer, was responsible for building the watch towers and defensive fortifications in the face of frequent Berber attacks in the La Marina area. He chose a location for the fort in Bèrnia for its exceptional beauty. The fort must have been magnificent judging from the plans and ruins that can be recognized with its vaults and pits. Its operation was ephemeral since it remained active for only half a century. Its main weakness was that it was built in a place so hard to access and so distant from the towns and the coast, that it limited military reaction capacity. It was decided to abandon the fort and it was demolished during the last Moorish uprising in 1609.

Bernia Peak (optional)

To get all the way up to the summit, you’ll have to face a couple of challenges: the majority of the ascent/descent is done on a steep rocky trail; then there is a pass with a chain, not suitable for people with vertigo; finally you’ll need to get up a bouldar with the help of a rope.

Every person attending must read the description thoroughly and evaluate whether he/she is capable of doing it.  Even though I do my best to ensure the safety of every participant of the event, I cannot take responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the hike. By deciding to attend the hike you agree to these conditions.

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