Hiking in Font Roja park

November 16

Let’s go to Alcoy to enjoy the autumn colours walking around Font Roja natural park. We’ll walk along the wooded trails of the park, discover some old snow wells and go up to Menejador peak located 1356m above sea level.

Carrascal de la Fuente Roja natural park

Right next to Alcoy we find one of the most beautiful natural areas in the province of Alicante, especially at this time of year. We are speaking of the Natural Park of the Font Roja, the best representation of the mixed Mediterranean forest of the entire Valencian Community. It is a mountainous formation with a marked difference in its two slopes (umbria and solana). As mentioned above, this is one of the best times to visit this park since it changes dramatically in Autumn, and few places in Valencian Community do.

Source: Más allá de la ciudad

The Virgin of Lilies Sanctuary

It was the month of August of 1653 when several religious figures were in the Carrascal de la Font Roja, enjoying a couple of days of retreat and spirituality on a farm in the area. Among the attendees was Antoni Bonaventura Guerau i Montllor, from the Cathedral of Valencia, who every morning meditatively walked the lush local trails until on August 21 a curious white flower caught his attention. It was a beautiful white lily, which he wanted to take with him, which he had to uproot by removing the bulb from the ground. He was so shocked upon observing the bulb that without waiting for a second he ran in search of someone to check what his eyes were seeing. The priest of Confrides was equally amazed and later the same sensation came upon the rest of the Christians. The image of the Virgin Mary could not only be admired in that bulb, but in all the flowers that they later observed.
Ten years later, on August 21, 1663, a shrine was inaugurated in the exact place where the first bulb was found.

Source: sendasyleyendas.com

Snow Wells

Another example of cultural and heritage elements of this park next to the carbonera or the lime oven, are neveros, or snow wells. We’re talking about some old snow deposits, which are preserved in various parts of the park as well as in Sierra de Mariola. In these wells the snow that has fallen in winter was stored and compacted for its transformation into ice for later commercialization (you must remember that refrigerators that we have at home have not always existed).

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