Snow Wells of Sierra Mariola

March 24


The cavas route offers a representative sample of the snow wells commonly found in these mountains of the Valencian interior. The trails between the sanctuary of Agres and the cava gran and the mountain refuge in el Contador will surprise you with ample views over the Agres valley and Benicadell.

Departure: 9:30
Return to Valencia: 18:00
Meeting point: in front of Joaquín Sorolla station
Difficulty: medium (11.5km with 500m elevation gain).

Bring 1.5l of water, lunch, appropriate clothes and hiking shoes.

La Cava Arquejada

It is located 1220 meters above sea level, next to the mountain refuge of Montcabrer. It is excavated to a large extent out of rock and its dimensions are: 14.90 meters in diameter and about 12 in depth. Arcade-like features are preserved in its upper part on which a structure of wood and tile was supported. The snow was accumulated inside through one of its six access points. It was in full commercial exploitation until 1906 and then used sporadically until 1930s.

La Cava de Don Miguel

Its external appearance is characterized mainly by eight buttresses which were necessary to support and elevate the deposit, about 40 meters in diameter. The ashlar on the outside has an inscription that says: from 1780 in the year 1792. This well was built by the city of Xàtiva.

La cava del Buitre

The Vulture well is located very close to the trail that connects cava Gran with Font de Mariola. It is a circular deposit eleven meters in diameter on the outside, built with stone masonry.

Santuario de Agres

The sanctuary of the Mare de Déu d’Agres was built on the remains of an old castle. It is a pilgrimage destination, in memory of the apparition of the Virgin in 1484 found by a shepherd under a hackberry in the ruins of the castle. Agres has a rich heritage based on water and the sources have a lot to do with the life of the town. Among them are the font of Mig, the fonteta, the font of Barxeta, the font of Raval, the font of L’Assut and the font of Convent.

Every person attending must read the description thoroughly and evaluate whether he/she is capable of doing it.  Even though I do my best to ensure the safety of every participant of the event, I cannot take responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the hike. By deciding to attend the hike you agree to these conditions.

Cavas de Mariola

El precio incluye el transporte con un autobús privado y la organización de la excursión.


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