The Cliff Route

March 30


This time we’re going to Moraira to do the spectacular cliff route, visit the coves of Llebeig and Moraig and hike up the emblematic Peñon de Ifach. Since the routes are distant from one another, the excursion is in two parts – first we make the route of the cliffs, rest in the Moraig cove, and then go to Calpe to climb Peñon de Ifach.

Meeting point: estación Joaquín Sorolla, at 9:30.
Return to Valencia: 18:30.
Level: medium. First part – cliff route: 4km with 200m elevation gain. Second part – Peñon de Ifach: 4km with 300m elevation gain.
It is essential to wear hiking shoes, because the popularity of the Ifach route made the rocks very slippery and you have to be very careful throughout the walk.

El Portet Beach

The peninsula of Cap d’Or protects the cove and el Portet beach, with fine sand and crystal clear waters. Small and shell-shaped, it is a magnificent setting to take a quiet bath, make some of the submarine routes or a kayak excursion. This beach will be the beginning of the route, here we can also have a coffee before we start.

Cala Llebeig

The first cove on our way is Cala Llebeig whose access is only possible on foot or from the sea. At the entrance we will find the remains of the old vigilante lookout point, from which smuggling of tobacco and fabrics was controlled. We can also see fishermen’s refuges that are still used today. The cove is made of rock, with a length of 120m and a width of 10m. It has been declared a flora microreserve, with species such as the large orchid, the marine aliaga and the Valencian bell.

Cala Moraig

We continue along the coastal path with beautiful views of the cliffs for about 2km until we reach Cala Moraig. This cove has been rated as one of the 10 paradisiacal beaches of Spain in the Leisure Guide of El País. The exceptional enclave in a cliffy landscape and its crystalline waters give it a unique charm, hidden behind the Puig Llorença massif. A detuor to Cova dels Arcs – a spectacular grotto with a freshwater river will also be a part of a visit.

Peñon de Ifach

Peñón de Ifach, the symbol of the Costa Blanca, rises in the sea as calcareous rock of about 50,000 m2, 332m high and one kilometer long. Linked to the land by a narrow isthmus, it is the result of a landslide from the nearby “Sierra de Oltà”, constituting one of the most singular and beautiful geographical features of the entire Mediterranean coast. It is one of the most visited natural spaces, a meeting point for divers, climbers and hikers.

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