Waterfalls of Anna

7th of April


An impressive route along the area of Canal de Navarrés, with multiple waterfalls and sources and a unique place in the Community – la Cabrentá, also known as Mediterranean selva.

Departure: 9:30
Return to Valencia: 18:00
Meeting point: in front of Joaquín Sorolla station
Difficulty: easy (11.5km with 250m elevation gain)
Bring 1.5l of water, lunch, appropriate clothes and hiking shoes.

La Cabrentá

Our hike starts in Estubeñy, with a visit to a humid forest of incalculable value, hiding between enormous rocks, that seem to have been put there by giants, in a unique place in the Valencian Community – la Cabrentà. Also known as la Selva de Estubeny this is a precious botanical, faunistic and geological treasure that has last seen human activity at the end of the civil war. This and the sum of years and a particularly humid microclimate, has made it possible nowadays to appreciate one of the few examples of Mediterranean selva.

Gorgo de la Escalera

Next point of interest – El Gorgo de la Escalera, a beautiful natural area close to the urban area of Anna, next to the football field, with a big canyon, which appears to be sculpted by river waters, and a staircase with 136 steps leading down to it. You can swim in its cold waters or simply relax by the river contemplating the landscape and the sound of water, which falls down to the ravine and was earlier used to produce electricity.

But the bathing area, very famous and crowded in summertime, is shadowed by a gorgeous waterfall in the ravine below it. These falls have somewhat difficult access by means of canyoning, but luckily there is a different way to get there – a trail leading down to it.

Source: ValenciaBonita.es

Gorgo Gaspar

Just a few minutes walking from the village we can find the Gorgo Gaspar waterfall, with some stone benches for rest next to a beautiful waterfall and a bridge. This place is also known as Gorgo de Palet, with water coming from Albufera de Anna and forming a fall, which in historical times was used as energy source for a textile factory. The water going down river from here was also used for other industrial purposes, but now it is a place of unique beauty in Valencian Community.

Cascada de los Vikingos

Descending on a trail and leaving the Gorgo Gaspar behind we pass along the ruins of “Fábrica Miguelín” in order to get to the impressive Cascada de los Vikingos, where you will surely get a bit wet with water falling down and ricocheting from the rocks and the pool of this beutiful pond. You may also find some people practicing canyoning here.

Gorgo Catalán

Gorgo Catalán is a small pond surrounded by trees, whose waters come from the Fuente Negra spring. The place is conditioned for bathing and has a trampoline where anyone can dive into the depths of its waters. Anna river is really close to the pond and we can get to it following the signposted local path.

El Salto de Chella

It’s time to leave Anna and hike to Chelva – the village which will be our destination for the day. Salto de Chella waterfall is the most emblematic spot of the whole municipality. Every time someone makes a reference to Chella, they can not avoid talking about the spectacular, 25 meter high waterfall located in the channel of the Sellent River as it passes through the town. While its beauty is the main attraction of this place, you can not ignore the charms of the surroundings, like the ruins of the power station, “the cave that rains” or “the paradise.”

Source: La Web de Chellinos

Every person attending must read the description thoroughly and evaluate whether he/she is capable of doing it.  Even though I do my best to ensure the safety of every participant of the event, I cannot take responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the hike. By deciding to attend the hike you agree to these conditions.

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