Hikes Accessible by Public Transport

Here you can find information about places to hike in Valencia accessible by public transport (mostly Cercanía trains, some Metrobus buses). If you plan to travel by train several times it’s a good idea to buy a ticket for 10 trips (Bonotren).

Useful links:
– Cercanía train schedule: Cercanías Valencia
– Cycling routes promoted by Metrovalencia: Bicimetro


One of the easiest places to get to with a nice and easy hike on top of the hills next to the Mediterranean coast. Trains running all day from Valencia Nord to Cullera train station (C1 line). Return trip (Zone 4) costs 7.40 Euros.

GPS Track starting from train station – Wikiloc (might be better to return along the coast).


The town of La Tomatina offers sime nice hikes as well. You can visit and even swim in Cueva del Turche, Cueva de las Palomas, visit the castle of Buñol or walk along Barranco de Carcalín. Trains run every 30-40 minutes (C3 line). Return trip costs 7.40 Euros. There is also a bus from Valencia, but it takes longer/is more expensive, so I see no reason in taking it.

Tracks (I would do both counterclockwise though):
Cuevas de Turche/Palomas
Barranco de Carcalín

El Picaio (Puzol)

In the Eastern part of Sierra Calderona, some 25km from Valencia there is very nice lookout point, from which you can enjoy the views of Mediterranean coast – el Picaio. Accessible by C6 line, with trains runnig every 15-20 minutes. Return trip costs 5.30 Euros.

GPS TrackWikiloc

Castillo de Serra

Arriving here requires a bit more planning, since you would need to take the metro to Bétera (L1, yellow) and then a bus from there to Serra.
Metro schedule: Metrovalencia
Bétera-Serra bus (230): Edetania bus
There are several routes available starting from Serra that are promoted by the local town hall, You can check them out on their website. (Castle, Gorrisa, Rebalsadors).

Salto de la Novia

One of the most famous waterfalls/swimming places in the region. Accessible either from Segorbe or from Navajas. In summer season there is a 2 Euro entry fee. Timing becomes an important factor here, as there are two trains in the morning (8:05 and 11:15) and two in the afternoon (14:45 and 17:15 from Segorbe), plus the journey takes from 90 to 120 minutes with a stop in Sagunto. Return trip costs 11.60 Euros.

Tracks: (I would recommend starting in Segorbe and taking the train back from Navajas)
– from Segorbe (somehow all the tracks go along the other side of the river, although I would stay on the same side and follow white and yellow blazes or PR-CV trail).
– from Navajas


The main attraction here is the castle of Xátiva, however there is also a nice route around it passing by Cova Negra and finishing in the castle. C2 trains running every 30-40 minutes, return trip costs 8.70 Euros.

GPS Track – Wikiloc and more info about PR-CV 78.

By Media Distancia trains

Desierto de las Palmas

A bit farther from Valencia, plues the hike to the very top is a bit longer, but this is really worth it. The views from the top of Bartolo or the ridge trail starting from it are stunning. You would need to take a Media Distancia Renfe train to Benicassim and start from the station. Depending on the train you choose the return trip can cost you as low as 16 euros.

Track: Wikiloc

Sierra Mariola

Sierra Mariola natural park offers multiple hiking routes, most interesting places to visit being Cava Arquejada snow well, Montcabrer peak and Santuario de Agres. You would need to take a Media Distancia Renfe train to Agres, walk about 1km till the town and start the hike from there.

Track: Wikiloc