Javalambre Weekend

April 29 – May 1

This year we are going to explore the Javalambre mountains during the May Day weekend. We will hike several trails in the area and get views from Picón del Buitre (1956m) at the end of the trip.

Saturday, 29th of AprilMeet in Valencia (Mestalla stadium) at 9:30
Drive to Abejuela (about 1 hour)
Hike Ermita de Santa Margarita (medium, 11km, 420m+)
Night in Arcos de las Salinas
Sunday, 30th of AprilDrive to Camarena de la Sierra (about 1 hour)
Hike in Sierra de Javalambre (medium, 13.2km, 460m+)
Night in Arcos de las Salinas
Monday, 1st of MayHike to Picón del Buitre (medium, 13km, 500m+)
Return to Valencia around 18:00


In the easternmost foothill of Sierra de Javalambre is Abejuela, the southernmost town in Teruel, right at the border with the provinces of Valencia and Castellón. The municipality is located next to Rambla de Abejuela, a tributary of the Turia river. The limestone mountains that surround the town have their summits flattened by erosive surfaces at heights between 1,400-1,600 m.

Juniper trees dominate this area, along with this species there are black and mixed pine forests and holm oak forests such as those in Rambla de Abejuela, to the west of the population center, and those on the Rambla de Andilla. The new population center was organized along the main street, at the foot of the hillside where the farmhouse is distributed. At one end of the town, on a ravine, a robust defense tower was erected, currently used as a home, dating back to the 13th or 14th centuries.

Ermita de Santa Margarita

This short-distance trail shows us an attractive landscape view of Abejuela, offering the hiker a varied change of slopes through the different places where it passes. Easy and pleasant to walk, it is altogether a gift for the eyes since you can enjoy wide open spaces with a splendid landscape.

Ermita de Santa Margarita – Abejuela

Camarena de la Sierra

Between 1300 meters where the Camarena orchards and the foothills of the surrounding mountains are found, there are topographic differences of 600-700 m, which makes this valley a truly wild area, surrounded by escarpments to the east (Pico Javalambre, 2,020 m), south (Pico Calderón, 1,839 m) and west (Loma de San Pablo, 1,790 m).

Abundant springs sprout in the municipality: de los Baños, del Hielgo, Blanquilla, de las Salinas, de Lázaro, del Peral, etc. It is not without reason that Camarena is known as the “town of a hundred fountains”. There are numerous places of interest, among which the Amanaderos waterfall can be highlighted, in the ravine of the same name.

Camarena de la Sierra | Comarca Gúdar Javalambre

Arcos de las Salinas

Next to the Arcos River, in the foothills of the Sierra de Javalambre, this population extends, known for the salmon trout that are raised in its fish farms; as well as salt mines. Some interesting points can be seen along the valley, such as the Ojos del Río de Arcos, the fish farms that dot the valley and numerous fountains. The vegetation, especially pine forests, cover the slopes of these reliefs. The salinity of these materials allows the existence of salt mines, which have been exploited since ancient times in the vicinity of the town. The first known human habitat in this term is from the Iberian period and is located on the right bank of the Arcos River, in the Cabezo de la Herrería. From medieval times there is an old portal, that of Catarra, through which the town was accessed.

Arcos de las Salinas | Comarca Gúdar Javalambre

Senda Fluvial Desiderio

Route of 6 kilometers , which runs in its entirety, along a well-marked path next to the Arcos River. Suitable for all audiences, with a cumulative gain of 110 meters and an estimated duration of 2 hours (enjoying the surroundings a lot).

We start next to the hermitage of San Roque, located in the vicinity of the Town Hall. We turn left, to go down a path where we find the sign with information about the route. Along the route we have two rest areas with tables and benches. The first is located a few meters from the start, next to a play farm, where we can see a wide variety of animals (rabbits, donkeys, chickens, etc). The second is found shortly before reaching the Arcos River waterfall.

Picón del Buitre

Picón del Buitre is one of the most scenic spots of the region, since it is located at almost 2km above sea level. It also has a great advantage of being accessible by car. Splendid panoramic views open up from here and on clear days it is even possible (although sounds incredible) to see the Mediterranean sea from the peak.

Accommodation – El Cierzo de Javalambre

Offering modern rooms, this charming hotel is set in Arcos de las Salinas, within an hour’s drive of Javalambre and Valdelinares’ ski slopes. El Cierzo de Javalambre features a restaurant and a relaxing lounge area with a fireplace. Each spacious room at El Cierzo de Javalambre has stylish, contemporary décor, combined with original features such as beamed ceilings and stonework. There is free Wi-Fi and a seating area with a sofa and a flat-screen TV.

Guests can enjoy creative Aragonese cuisine in the Cierzo’s restaurant. The hotel offers a free tea service throughout the day.

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Members get a 10 euro discount.

The price is for a person sharing a twin room. You can reserve a single room for additional 35 euros.

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