Lycian Way – Turkey

March 30 – April 6

Let’s hike along the beautiful Turkish landscapes, enjoying the trails going along the Mediterranean sea and going on different adventures. All along the way we will be accompanied by an experienced local, who has done the route before.

Day 1 (30th of March)

We will start the trip on 30th of March, flying from Valencia to Istanbul. From there we will need to take a connecting flight, which will take us to Dalaman, where the bus will be waiting for us. One hour more in the bus and we’ll arrive to Ölüdeniz and spend the first night there. Ölüdeniz is also known as Blue Lagoon and it is said that it is one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

Day 2 (31st of March)

Before starting the journey we will go paragliding (optional) and explore the landscape from a very different point of view. The place is extremely popular destination for paragliders for it’s fantastic views and weather conditions.

After paragliding we’ll hike to the next village – Faralya. The level is not too hard, but you need to be used to hiking. The distance is 14km with about 700m elevation gain.

Day 3 (1st of April)

The village we start from – Faralya was known simply as the “village on the cliffs of the Butterfly Valley”. This means that when we wake up we’ll get splendid views of the valley and make our way through it on the hike. This day we’ll be a bit easier with about 10km of walking and 400m of elevation gain.

Day 4 (2nd of April)

This day will be a bit more relaxed since we will spend the night in the same place. In the morning we can walk to the waterfall and come back for lunch, since the return hike is 6km. After that we can spend the afternoon on Kabak beach enjoying the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

Day 5 (3rd of April)

Another relatively easy day. We will walk about 7km from Kabak up to Alınca. When we get there we may decide if we want to walk around some more and explore the area or have rest and enjoy the afternoon contemplating the views.

Day 6 (4th of April)

After two days of rest it will be time to do a proper hike again. The route is
Alınca – Bel, 15km and around 600m of elevation gain. Again, nothing too crazy for experienced hikers.

Day 7 (5th of April)

Time to get back to the coast! Another hike, a bit easier and mostly downhill. After the hike we can get back to the beginning of the
route – Ölüdeniz and spend the night there to make the next day’s travelling a bit easier.

Day 8 (6th of April)

We repeat the first day’s route in the reverse order: the bus from
Ölüdeniz to Dalaman, then the flight to Istambul and the connecting flight back to Valencia.

I’ll provide more details as we get closer to the departure date. The price will be around 700 euros, but it may vary depending on the flight cost.
Obviously, the sooner we get the tickets – the cheaper it will be. The price includes all the transportation, accomodation and travel insurance.

Payment – First part

It is necessary to make the first payment in advance, so I can reserve the flights and make other necessary arrangements.



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