The Almonecir Castle

This time we’re going to Vall de Almonacid to make a route around Sierra Espadán an visit the Almonecir Castle.

Almonecir Castle was built in the early 12th century by Muslims. After the reconquest by the troops of Jaume I, the castle passed into the hands of the Christians and over time was losing its military function, being abandoned from the sixteenth century. King Jaume delivered it as a reward for the help he received when he conquered Valencia, to the royal chancellor Berenguer de Palou, who was bishop of Barcelona.
There is also an lookout point giving you a good view of the valley and Vall de Almonacid.

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The Route

The route will have two very distinct parts: the first one through typical Espadán forests, very green and full of cork trees, while the second part will be done mostly along the top of several hills giving great views of the valley and Sierra Calderona on one side and highest peaks of Sierra Espadán (La Rapita, Pico Espadán) on the other.

The Villages

There are two villages in the vicinity of the castle – Algimia de Almonacid and Vall de Almonacid.
The history of Algimia de Almonacid is Muslim; the name, its architecture, the tradition that is breathed makes us think of the time when the lands of our province were under Arab rule, and so it was until the expulsion of the Moors in 1609. In 1610 Algimia was repopulated by Pedro de Urrea with 27 families of Christians from Navarra and Puebla de Arenoso, after violent clashes during the Moorish rebellion.
Vall de Almonacid is also of Muslim origin being reconquered by Jaime I in 1238 who donated it on May 22 of the same year to Berenguer de Palou, bishop of Barcelona. Later, the possession came at the hands of Sancha Ferrandis, as the successor of the first owner of the town, who married Jaime Pérez, son of Pedro IV, for whom he had created the manor of Segorbe so that both manors were united…

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Algimia de Almonacid
Vall de Almonacid

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