Ascent to El Gorgo

Let’s go to Marines Antiguos to hike up to the highest peak of Sierra Calderona – el Gorgo and snack on madroños all along the way.

El Gorgo

El Gorgo (909m) is the highest peak of the Serra Calderona Natural Park. Gorgo actually forms a small massif within this complex mountain range, covered with trees (mainly pines and cork trees); the peak of Juego del Tejo connects Gorgo with the elongated tailpiece of Jabonera, which shelters on its eastern slope some of the most important cork oak spots (Quercus suber) of Calderona.


Masía de Olla

The origin of this group of houses dates back to the 11th century, specifically to the time of the Taifa kingdom. In the year 1238 it already appears in the Llibre del Repartiment with the name of Qaryät al-Ülya, “The Farmhouse of Above”. During the seventeenth century, due to its direct relationship with the field work, it was renamed to Olla.
Being located in the passage zone between two different regions, it acquired strategic importance in all the war events in the area. The Tower served to welcome the inhabitants inside when the danger lurked.
Currently inhabited by hippies.


Ruta del Agua de Olla

The Water route, of great importance for its spectacular views and especially for the ethnological and natural elements present in the area. Note the existence of numerous sources, which maintain a small flow throughout the year, being fairly spread around the term, especially in the northern area that coincides with the mountainous area of the Sierra Calderona.
On our route along the paths and roads of the term, sources, azudes, ponds, reservoirs come out to meet us… The sources mostly have a construction made with slabs of rodeno to keep this precious liquid in the best conditions. This can be seen in sources such as Fuente del Sargatillo, guarded by giant cork oaks or Fuente de Olla. The same also happens with the reservoirs that we find near the main roads at the foot of the mountain which were used to collect water that filtered through it.


Marines Antiguo

Marines toponym comes from Hispanic and Latin diminutive – Meridines; that the Arab people pronounced as Merines/Marines due to thier accent; Valencians preferred Marines form, because of its analogy with Pardines; Castilian-speaking people of other towns adapted it to their phonetics as Marinas; but its inhabitants preferred to preserve and perpetuate the Valencian form Marines.
On November 30, 1967 Decree 3,038/1967 was approved, which reconstituted the new municipality of Marines, based at the new site of Camp de Túria. The location of the old town of Marines, at 445m above sea level, surrounded by mountains, was very different from the one located on the plain at 220m. The new Marines was a town of agricultural colonization and with a rationally organized space, wide and regular streets, with its center in the term where the church and the City Council rests.

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Even though madroño (strawberry tree fruit) is the symbol of Madrid, the Gorgo area is full with these delicios berries, which are in season right now, therefore we will be able to feast on it during the hike.

Wikipedia: Madroño

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