Salto de la Novia in Navajas

A combination of an easy walk, an old legend and exquisite food – this if what you are offered on this tour. Add to that and easy stroll along the remains of a medieval castle – how can you top that?

Distance: 11km with 200m of elevation gain (3.5 hours)
Level: easy (wide paths, one narrow stretch along the river)
Bring at least 1l of water, picnic lunch, sunscreen and hiking shoes.

Cascada de Brazal

A place of great beauty where you can contemplate the spectacular 60 meter high Brazal waterfall, that pours its waters in a beautiful place with capricious forms, caused by erosion in the mountains and the riverbed, contemplae the predominant green colour of nature and relax learning the beautiful legend of the place, which goes as follows (shortly):
The name of the waterfall comes from an old love story. The legend is about a young couple from the area falling in love. As proof of their love, they had to jump over the river at its most narrow point. The girl was the first one to jump, but the waters were very treacherous that day, so she fell into the river. Her boyfriend went shocked and jumped after her in desperation. Some time later, their bodies were found downstream. From that moment, people started saying that on some nights you can hear the cries of these lovers.

Pantano del Regajo

Just an hour’s drive from the capital of Valencia, in the municipality of Jérica, in the Alto Palancia region (Castellón), there is a natural site that is frequently visited by those looking for a place to disconnect from the routine – Pantano del Regajo, located at the confluence of the Palancia, Regajo and Lipa rivers, upstream from Navajas and next to Gaibiel road. Despite being very close to Navajas, where you can find the beautiful Salto de la Novia, the reservoir is in its entirety in the municipality of Jérica. Those who visit it can enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and woods surrounding it.

Via Verde Ojos Negros

At the end of the 19th century, two Basque industrialists: Ramón de la Sota and his cousin Eduardo Aznar, had an idea – with investments in mining, the steel industry and the naval industry, they decided to connect the Ojos Negros mine, located in a natural setting between Teruel and Guadalajara, with the port of Sagunto and thus exit their farms through the Mediterranean. But in the 70s, the railway already showed signs of decline. It was finally closed in 1984, due to the impossibility of the infrastructure to take on the increased demand for metal.
At the beginning of the current century, local governments decided to rescue its layout and give it a new life, turning it into a green way that would allow anyone interested in taking a walk, on foot or by bicycle, through the country’s recent history . Thus, since 2001 there is the Vía de Ojos Negros, which is the longest (237 kilometers) green route in the country.


Palancia River

Palancia river is born in Sierra del Toro, more commonly known as collao del Cascajar strait, at the foot of the Javalambre massif, in the province of Castellón. After 85 kilometers, its course it ends between Sagunto and Canet de Berenguer municipalities in the province of Valencia, to finish flowing towards the Mediterranean Sea.
In its upper course, its clean waters and its pools stand out, in which you can take a dip but only if you are brave, since they are very cold. The purity of its waters is maintained until it reaches the town of Bejís; after that, the quality of the water decreases considerably.

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