Delights of Alto Palancia

13th of March

This time we are going to taste the best of what Alto Palancia has to offer. Pristine nature of Sierra Espadán, best cheeses of Castellón from Los Corrales, combined with local wine and delicious lunch in Segorbe.

Almedíjar is located in the interior of the province of Castellón, within the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, in the Alto Palancia region. It is a town of 200 inhabitants, with a mild climate in winter and hot in summer, surrounded by steep mountains and cork oak forests. Its privileged location, at the entrance to the Sierra de Espadán, makes Almedíjar an excellent starting point to explore the beautiful landscapes of the Park.

Quesería Los Corrales artisan cheese factory was established in 1990 in Almedíjar, within the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park. The cheeses are made with their own original recipes, developed in order to try express the reality of the landscape and the land that surrounds it. Therefore we can say that they make “QUESOS DE AUTOR”. Raw milk preserves the original characteristics of milk, both in nutritional qualities – it preserves vitamins, the structure of proteins and keeps its original bacterial flora intact – as well as in flavor and aromas, since the flora and enzymes present in milk they develop and give us unique and unrepeatable characteristics.

Alcovi Bodega began its journey in 2006, with a project by two wine growers from Almedíjar who came from families with a tradition in winemaking. Their wines are made in a newly built winery with modern facilities, in stainless steel tanks, where the temperature is controlled throughout the fermentation process. The wines are aged in 225-litre French and American oak barrels, and finally, they are bottled in the winery itself, using natural cork stoppers, organically extracted from the cork oaks of the Sierra de Espadán. The collection of the different grape varieties located in the Sierra Espadán natural park is carried out first thing in the morning and they are transported to the winery, where they are kept in a cold room until they are processed, thus managing to preserve intact all the properties of the grape.

Gastroadictos is certainly one of the best restaurants in the entire Valencian Community. You will definitely remember the lunch there for a long time and tell all of your friends about it. All the dishes are remarkably creative and delicious at the same time. We have been to Gastroadictos several times already and every time everyone leaves the place with full and happy belly. The chef, David Marqués, never ceases to surprise me with his imagination when it comes to cooking. All the meals can also be easily adapted for any dietary preferencies.

The Plan

9:00Meet in Valencia next to Torres de Serranos
10:00Easy walk near Almedíjar in the Sierra Espadán natural park
11:30Visit Los Corrales artisan cheese factory
12:30Wine tasting in Bodega Alcovi (3 wines + 3 cheeses included)
15:00Lunch in Gastroadictos
18:00Return to Valencia

The price includes professional guide, transportation, wine tasting and lunch (excluding drinks).

Delicacies of Alto Palancia

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