Montanejos Estrechos

20th of November

Let’s go to Montanejos to do the Estrechos trail and (if there are volunteers :D) bathe in the not-so-hot springs. We will meet in Valencia, next to Mestalla and go to Montanejos in a minibus. We will have a coffee on the terrace of a bar and start the hike from the town. The route runs along two sides of the river, offering us very impressive views (as in the photo). In the middle of the route we will pass by a “horizontal waterfall” – a place where the water from the reservoir comes out of the wall making quite a spectacle. After the hike we can bathe in the river (the water has a constant temperature of 22 degrees all year round). At the end we will have a drink on the terrace and return to Valencia.

The area known as Los Estrechos lies between the town of Montanejos, about 2.5km, and the Dam of Arenoso (Campos de Arenoso). This is one of the most beautiful area along the river Mijares and the one with the richest landscape. The river flows through a gorge 25 meters wide, wedged between almost vertical walls over 100 meters high in some sections. It is a place with climbing areas with international fame and it has great attraction for nature and wild water sports lovers.
Currently it has created a trail called Sendero de los Estrechos, which borders the area of “los estrechos” in the mountains. This is a local circular path about 8 km round trip. For the realization of the Trail, you got the start point by crossing the bridge on the way to Zucaina….

Difficulty: medium (11km with 350m elevation gain).
Technical level: medium (most of the route goes along wide trails).
Transportation: 9-seater minibus (alternatively, you can drive to the hike starting point in your own vehicle)
Price: 20 euros (15 coming with your own vehicle).
Bring at least 1l of water, lunch, warm clothes and hiking shoes.

COVID-19 Safety Measures:
– the temperature of all the participants will be measured prior to getting in the minibus
– hand gel use (provided) is mandatory
– wearing a mask is mandatory in all closed spaces

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