Myths and Cheeses

4th of December

This time there is a little bit more incentive for you to join us for a walk as we are going to Almedíjar, where we will visit a famous cheese shop before the walk through Almanzor ravine. You will also learn the legend of King Almanzor, which gives the ravine its name.
We will meet in Valencia in the parking lot of Av. Aragon in front of the Mestalla stadium and go to Almedíjar. We will have a coffee there on the terrace and then visit the Los Corrales cheese shop to learn about the production of cheeses and, of course, taste some. Due to the store capacity, they only admit 4 people at a time, so we will go in 1 or 2 groups in shifts. Then we will do the easy walk through the Almanzor ravine and learn the legend of King Almanzor. We will also pass by a monumental tree – la Castañera, which is part of the legend. Finally, we will have a drink on the terrace and return to Valencia.

Almedíjar and Quesería Los Corrales

Almedíjar is located in the interior of the province of Castellón, within the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, in the Alto Palancia region. It is a town of 200 inhabitants, with a mild climate in winter and hot in summer, surrounded by steep mountains and cork oak forests. Its privileged location, at the entrance to the Sierra de Espadán, makes Almedíjar an excellent starting point to explore the beautiful landscapes of the Park.
Los Corrales artisan cheese factory was established in 1990 in Almedíjar, within the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park. The cheeses are made with their own original recipes, developed in order to try express the reality of the landscape and the land that surrounds it. Therefore we can say that they make “QUESOS DE AUTOR”. Raw milk preserves the original characteristics of milk, both in nutritional qualities – it preserves vitamins, the structure of proteins and keeps its original bacterial flora intact – as well as in flavor and aromas, since the flora and enzymes present in milk they develop and give us unique and unrepeatable characteristics….. Quesería Los Corrales

Difficulty: easy (10km with 100m elevation gain).
Technical level: low (most of the route goes along wide trails).
Transportation: 9-seater minibus (alternatively, you can drive to the hike starting point in your own vehicle)
Price: 20 euros (15 coming in your own vehicle).
Meeting point: Mestalla, parking lot on av. Aragón, 9:30 (return to Valencia ~16:30)
Bring at least 0.5l of water, lunch, warm clothes and hiking shoes.

COVID-19 Safety Measures:
– the temperature of all the participants will be measured prior to getting in the minibus
– hand gel use (provided) is mandatory
– wearing a mask is mandatory in all closed spaces

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