Pico del Remedio

11th of March

Let’s go to Chelva to hike up to the most impressive peak in the area – Pico del Remedio. We will also get to visit Chelva’s most notable sanctuary – Virgen del Remedio on our way to the top.

If there is a place in Chelva from which to observe the best views of the surroundings and of the entire mountain range that surrounds the surroundings of this town of La Serranía, in addition to breathing fresh air, that is the Pico del Remedio, an impressive summit -which stands out above all the elevations in the area- which is located at 1054 meters above sea level, offering the visitor wonderful views in which, on clear days, you can perfectly see the sea or the Albufera de Valencia.

The Sanctuary of Virgen del Remedio, located about 5km. de Chelva, in a privileged point under the Pico del Remedio (1054m) and with a beautiful view. It houses the image of the patron saint of Chelva, Nuestra Señora del Remedio, which travels to the town in a pilgrimage during the Patron Saint Festivities. In the XIX century the frequent visits to the growing devotion to the Virgin led to the restoration of the hermitage in neoclassical style.

El Pico del Remedio de Chelva | Valencia Bonita

Difficulty: medium (12.7km with 520m elevation gain)
Technical level: medium/high (steep ascent from sanctuary to the peak)
Meeting point: Mestalla, entrance on av. Aragón, 9:30 (return to Valencia ~18:00)
Price: 32 euros (28 euros signing up before 09.03 17:00) / 12 euros coming to Chelva.

The price includes professional guide, transportation, accident and public liability insurances.
Bring at least 1l of water, lunch, long-sleeve clothes and hiking shoes.
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Pico del Remedio - Chelva
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