Sot de Chera – El Morron

8th of November

This hike starts from the most flowerful village of la Serranía region – Sot de Chera. We will take a trail that leads to the viewpoint right above the village, el Morrón, get the best panoramic views, and continue along the green landscape of Chera – Sot de Chera geological park.

Difficulty: medium (10.2km with 350m of elevation gain).
Technical level: medium (mix of trails and gravel roads).
Transportation: 9-seater minibus (alternatively, you can drive to the hike starting point in your own vehicle)
Price: 20 euros (includes professional guide, transportation, accident and public liability insurances).
Meeting point: Mestalla, parking lot on av. Aragón, 9:30 (return to Valencia ~17:00)
Bring at least 1l of water, lunch, warm clothes and hiking shoes.

COVID-19 Safety Measures:

  • the temperature of all the participants will be measured prior to getting in the minibus
  • hand gel use (provided) is mandatory
  • every person attending the hike must wear a mask while in the minibus and walking through the city where we start the hike

Sot de Chera

The landscape around Sot de Chera, its river and banks, its urban nucleus with streets and squares full of planters, pots and trees decorated in a traditional way thanks to the artisan work of Hilando Vidas – a solidarity project, a tribute to all the women who did not have opportunities and the vindication of all those, who today continue to have it more difficult for the mere fact of living in small inland towns.
Now Sot de Chera has more charm than ever, as shown by his participation and success in various editions of Villas en Flor. Villas en Flor is a program that aims to reward municipalities that have beautified their urban nucleus and the quality of life of their inhabitants by creadting an abundance of green spaces… Discover Sot de Chera

El Morrón

At the top of the rocky development with the same name, we will find this viewpoint which will give us the opportunity to enjoy impressive panoramic views of the entire Sot valley. It is located at an altitude of 548 meters and we can reach it along the trails of “La higuerilla” or “La cuesta larga”.
This hiking route revolves around the imposing geological massif of El Morrón, which towers over the town of Sot de Chera. The views from its upper part cover almost everything: the valley of the river that arrives from Chera, the natural pools when arriving at Sot de Chera, the old town with the figure of the castle, the Justal in front and again the valley that follows its way to join the river Turia.

The Geological Park

Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Geological Park is located in a beautiful environment formed by deep gorges, rugged mountains that surround fertile valleys occupied by farmlands, giving rise to a unique landscape shaped throughout history by different cultures and traditions that have colonized these lands. It comprises an area of ​​6,451.17 Hectares in the Northwest of the province of Valencia, between the regions of Plana Utiel-Requena and Los Serranos. Territory that concentrates cultural, landscape and environmental values ​​of great relevance, among which geodiversity, biodiversity and hydrological wealth stand out.
The surface of the territory is very steep and mountainous, Chera is located inside a rift valley and surrounded by peaks of up to 1,100m, while Sot de Chera does it between anticlines and synclines, giving rise to enclaves of great educational and scientific interest, which made it to be the headquarters of the first Geological Park of the Valencian Community.
Of great interest are the landscapes formed by the Reatillo river or also called Sot from its exit from the Buseo reservoir, the first to be built in the Turia basin; by the narrow ravines that have been excavated in the limestone and by the waterfalls that form, locally known as chorreros… Valencia Turisme

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