The Colourful Weekend

21 – 23 of October

This time we are going to enjoy the best that autumn has to offer, while exploring the colourful corners around Rincón de Ademuz. And to top that, our accommodation will be the Albacara castle in Castillo de Moya.

Friday, 21st of OctoberMeet in Valencia (parking lot in front of Mestalla stadium) at 9:30
Drive to Tormón, Teruel (about 2 hours)
Coffee in a bar in Teruel
Hike Estrechos del Ebrón (medium, 12.1km, 300m+)
Go to hotel Albacara in Moya, Cuenca
Dinner in Moya
Saturday, 22nd of OctoberDrive to Val de la Sabina (25 minutes)
Hike the Bohilgues Route (medium/low, 11km, 200m+)
Explore Ademuz
Dinner and night in Moya, Cuenca
Sunday, 23rd of OctoberDrive to Losilla (50 minutes)
Hike the Three Kingdoms Route (medium, 10.8km, 420m+)
Drive back to Valencia (about 1.5 hours)

Rincón de Ademuz is a Valencian region located between the provinces of Teruel and Cuenca. It has an almost continental climate, with a marked difference between hot and dry summers and harsh winters. It is traversed from North to South by the Turia river forming a central valley, with a wide and fertile plain surrounded by the Sierra de Javalambre and the Albarracín mountain range.

These Valencian lands located in an enclave, or corner (rincón), have accumulated a stock of variegated customs and traditions thanks to their position as a crossroads. They have been the object of continuous conquests and reconquests throughout their history. United to Valencia by the Treaties of Cazorla (1179) and Almizra (1244), this area was won from the Moors by Pedro I of Aragón in 1212 – a prelude to the future conquest of the entire realm – and again by Jaime I in 1259. Annexed to Teruel province on two occasions and later returned to Valencia, the Rincón de Ademuz has experienced multiple administrative changes down to the present day.

Rincón de Ademuz – Comunitat Valenciana

Ruta del Bohilgues

The Bohilgues river, where this excursion takes place, is born in La Vega, in the municipality of Vallanca and joins the river Turia a few kilometres lower in Ademuz. It is an area of ​​great botanical importance, highlighting the riverside forests, deciduous plants such as hackberries, poplars, ash trees, poplars etc. Its main section, known as el Hoz del Bohilgues, has been declared a micro-reserve of flora. Here you can see some small waterfalls of great beauty. The exceptional quality of its waters allows hikers to find otters, barbels, eels and native crabs.

Estrechos del Ebrón

Only 37 kilometres away from Moya Castle are the Ebrón Straits, a hiking route that runs along the course of the Ebrón river. The route has been described as of great interest due to its richness in flora and fauna, as well as its landscapes. It can be done in both directions, downstream from Tormón to El Cuervo or upstream. The route of the Ebrón Straits is a route of great geological, naturalistic and environmental interest of medium difficulty. Its length, however, makes it advisable to do it in two sections, the first section from El Cuervo to the metal bridge, and the second section from El Tormón to said bridge.

The Three Kingdoms Route

On this day we are going to go to the edge of the province and hike along one of the most spectacular canyons in Valencia. The area is also a border between three kingdoms, as Aragón, Castilla la Mancha and Valencian Community come together here.

The route is a combination of several marked trails. First, we’ll take the GR-37 path out of Losilla and start heading down. Soon, great views of the canyon will open down, as we descend to the Arcos river. By this point we will already be in Aragón, since the trail crosses the border. After a short ascent we will get to the area with several viewpoints which will allow us to contemplate the views of the canyon. We will also stop for lunch here. The return to Losilla will be made along the wide paths of PR-CV 130 trail.

Accommodation – La Albacara

La Albacara is a rural house located in the ruins of the castle of Moya (Cuenca), declared a historical-artistic site since 1982. The ruins are located on top of a mountain, surrounded by walls, whose extension occupies 140,000m2. In them we can find 5 walled enclosures and 8 gates built between the 12th and 15th centuries. An incredible space to disconnect and learn a bit about local history.
Located in the church next to the castle, the rural house has all the necessary comforts to enjoy a few dream days. Combining the old style of the inn with the latest in technological equipment, we guarantee maximum comfort. You can also find, inside the Rural House, a restaurant where you can enjoy Gastronomy as you have never done before. Without forgetting the personal treatment, without a doubt our great strength, where you will find an impeccable service, which goes out of its way to make its client happy.

Albacara – Casa Rural del Castillo de Moya

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