The Mills of Gátova

6th of September

The Mills of Gátova route is located in the North-Western part of Sierra Calderona natural park. During the excursion we will hike up to the Aguila peak and then we will descend first passing bythe Iranzo mill, and then the Ceja mill. Before returning to Gátova we can also make a detour to reach the Peñarroya viewpoint.

Difficulty: medium (10.5km with 350m elevation gain).
Technical level: medium (trails and roads with no technical difficulty).
Bring at least 1l of water, some snacks, cap, sunscreen and hiking shoes.

The Route

The Route of the Gátova Mills is an easy route in the province of Valencia that we can do with the whole family, a journey in the middle of the Serra Calderona to see two restored historic mills that today are used as viewpoints, a symbol for the gatovians.
The route, which unites nature with history, includes a visit to the Ceja Mill and the Iranzo Mill (the latter also called Cachumbito), although it can be extended to visit another one of the symbols (in this case natural) of the population: el Pico del Águila…. ValenciaBonita

The Mills

Molino de la Ceja is located behind the ruins of a house, perfectly rebuilt and in an elevated location that offers us beautiful views of Gátova and Sierra Calderona. We can enter the mill and climb to its highest part useing the stone stairs, which are in perfect condition.
Molino de Iranzo (or El Cachumbito) is located at 800m of altitude. This mill is also perfectly rebuilt, as is La Ceja. We can go up to its upper part (shaped as a balcony) using more stone stairs to enjoy magnificent views…. 3enRuta

Pico del Águila

Although it is not the highest peak in the Serra Calderona, Pico del Águila, located at 878 meters above sea level, is one of the most impressive natural viewpoints in the province of Valencia. Located next to the town of Gátova, Valencia, it is a great summit located in the Natural Park of the Serra de la Calderona that offers a spectacular view of the entire area. Since it is one of the highest peaks around, it is one of the best viewpoints in the Serra Calderona, a place that offers incredible 360º views of the surroundings…… ValenciaBonita


Gátova is located in the heart of the natural park of Sierra Calderona – the “lung of Valencia”, therefore natural sights are the most important things it has. Excursions through places full of charm and beauty, such as its springs (Alameda, Rebollo, El Tormo, Vallejo, Iranzo, etc.), with mineral-medicinal properties; the peaks or viewpoints (Gorgo, Águila, Piezarroya, etc.), combined with visits to monumental places such as the mills («Ceja» and «Cachumbito»), and Piñel aqueduct. The parish church dates from the 18th century, it consists of two naves made with masonry and lime mortar with chapels on the sides between each buttress, the central nave has a barrel vault and the sides with a vaulted vault also highlights the sacristy that has a flat structure.

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