Water Mills of Lucena

13th of August

Let’s go to Lucena del Cid to hike along its river and bathe in several pools made by it. The trail is called a Mill route since there are still the remains of old water mills to be found along the way.

We’ll meet in Valencia, in front of Mestalla stadium (the parking lot on av. Aragón) and drive to Lucena del Cid. Once there, we’ll have a coffee on a terrace and start the hike.

The route starts from the town and first we will go down to the river. Then we will follow the riverbed until we reach Molí Ros, which has a very nice natural pool below. After a bathe, we are going to head back. Towards the end we will pass by Toll de Carlos – another great place for a dip. Finally, we will arrive at the Badía de Lucena, which also has an impressive suspension bridge. We will have a drink on the terrace in the town after the route and then return to Valencia.

Difficulty: low (8km with 150m elevation gain)
Technical level: medium/low (wide trails along the river)
Meeting point: Mestalla, entrance on av. Aragón, 9:00 (return to Valencia ~18:00)
Price: 32 euros (28 euros signing up before Friday, 11.08) / 12 euros coming to Lucena del Cid.

The price includes professional guide, transportation, accident and public liability insurances.
Bring at least 1.5l of water, lunch, sunscreen, cap and hiking shoes.
Become a member and get a 6-euros discount for every hike.

Molinos Lucena

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  1. Hello! Same question as above. Are there no more seats for this hike? I’d love to join!

  2. Hi Dmitry,

    Do you have a spot available? I check this site almost on a daily basis and I see this hike for the first time. If available I want to join.

    Best regards,

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