Photo Orienteering

This is a variety of orienteering, which is meant to be easier and more fun. The participants make teams of two or three people. Every team receives a map of the area and a sheet of paper with photos. The map contains around 25 points to look for, while the photo sheet has the same number of photos. When the team gets to one of the points marked on the map – they have to look for an object that was captured on one of the photos made there. After finding the object on of the team members takes a photo of a teammate, as a proof. Depending on the distance from the starting point and the difficulty of finding an object, with every photo made the team gets 1, 2 or 3 points. In the end the team with most points wins.

Example of the objects to look for (this is one of the multiple photos on the page)
Example of the map with locations/points

Every team will have their own starting time, with an interval of one minute between the teams. For example: Team A – 11:00, Team B – 11:01, Team C – 11:02 etc.

In case two teams get the same number of points, the team that arrived earlier to the finish wins. The time limit for each team is 1.5 hours. If the team gets to the finish late – they lose a point for each minute of being late.
For example: Team B starts at 11:07 and has to finish before 12:37. They get 27 points, but arrive at 12:40. The final result is 24 points.

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