Stunning Loop Around the Buseo Reservoir

Let’s go to Chera to do a loop around the Buseo reservoir. During this hike we will do a full loop around the reservoir and also pass by an impressive waterfall – el Chorrero de la Castellana.

Buseo Reservoir

The Buseo reservoir is a beautiful site reminiscent of Swiss landscapes, and which was formed when a 40-meter-high dam was erected in the Reatillo riverbed, at the entrance to the narrow Tormagal gorge. The dam, built using ashlar masonry between 1903 and 1915, and can store an amount of water that allowed the entire Valencian garden to be watered at least two times a year. It is the oldest reservoir in the Turia basin and from its commissioning it was the largest in the Valencian Community.

Embalse de Buseo | Encherate

Chorrero de La Castellana

In the town of Chera (Valencia), and within the course of the Umbría de la Viña ravine, also receiving water from the Ermita ravine -the one that feeds the surplus place known as El Chorrero and the Cuevas de la Garita-, there is a little-known wonder of the province of Valencia. We are talking about the Chorrero de la Castellana, a beautiful waterfall that appears in years of rain and that offers, to those who go to it, a unique spectacle, worth visiting.

El Chorrero de La Castellana | Valencia Bonita

Barranco de la Hoz

Next to the Buseo reservoir and very close to the camping area, you can find a wonder of nature. When there is rain and enough flow, you can enjoy a unique spectacle: Barranco de la Hoz de Chera. The waterfall, pools and unique rocks that form the gorge of La Hoz, which provides flow to the Reatillo River, the main tributary of the Turia on its right bank and subjected to the Mediterranean rainfall regime with rapid and violent floods caused by torrential rains, which they alternate with strong drafts that leave their bed dry, they are spectacular to witness at different times of the year.

El Barranco de la Hoz | Valencia Bonita

Important info

Bring at least 1.5l of water, swimsuit, lunch, sunscreen and hiking shoes.

The price includes:

  • pickup from hotel
  • professional guide
  • transportation
  • coffee/tea before the hike
  • insurance
Buseo Reservoir - Private Hike


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