The Three Waterfalls of Anna

The area of La Canal de Navarrés is saturated with all kinds of waterfalls, natural pools, cascades and mountain streams. This route gives you an opportunity to explore the three cascades, all within reach from the town of Anna.

Gorgo de la Escalera

Gorgo de la Escalera is a beautiful natural site near Anna’s town center, very close to the football field, where it appears as a large canyon sculpted by the waters of the river which is accessed by going down 136 man-made steps. One can take a bath in its cold waters or simply relax contemplating landscape and the sound of the water that precipitates in the form of a waterfall in the depths of the ravine.

Gorgo Gaspar

Just a few minutes walking from Gorgo de la Escalera, we will find Gorgo Gaspar waterfall, where, if you wish, you can have a snack on some stone benches next to the fall of water and a small bridge leading you to it. This corner is also known as Gorgo de Palet, as mentioned by the town hall, whose waters coming from Anna’s Albufera make up a fall that once gave hydraulic power to a textile factory by means of a water mill, some waters that downstream continued to be taken advantage of, putting other industries into operation.

Cascada de los Vikingos

Descending along the trail and leaving Gorgo Gaspar behind, we will find the ruins of the “Miguelín Factory”, and then follow to the impressive Viking Waterfall, where you will surely get wet with the micro-drops that hit the stones and bounce of the pool of this beautiful fall, in addition to possibly encountering people practicing canyoning.

Difficulty: medium (9 km with 250m elevation gain)
Technical level: medium (single track trails)

Bring at least 1.5l of water, swimsuit, lunch, sunscreen and hiking shoes.

The price includes:

  • pickup from hotel
  • professional guide
  • transportation
  • coffee/tea before the hike
  • insurance

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