Montanejos: Hiking and Thermal Waters

Montanejos is an interesting inland tourism destination in the province of Castellón, closely linked to a health tourism offer (thermal village is its slogan) and with great scenic appeal and possibilities for active tourism.
Among the recreational offer of Montanejos Fuente de los Baños with remains of old Arab baths and natural pools stands out. In summer it presents an excellent swimming area, but it can also be enjoyed in other times as it is equipped with a picnic area and games.

Distance: 11km with 450m elevation gain (4 hours)
Level: medium (mostly easy trails)
Bring at least 1.5l of water, picnic lunch, sunscreen and hiking shoes.

Sendero de la Bojera

Along with Sendero de Los Estrechos, Senda de la Bojera is one of the most popular in Montanejos. One of its main attractions is the excellent views we will have of the Barranco de La Maimona. The wading of the river is also interesting once we have gone down to the bed of the ravine. We will be struck by how quiet the whole journey is, and might even see some mountain goats.
The highlight of the La Bojera trail is the vertiginous approach to the Barranco de La Maimona that we first enjoy from above and then go down to its bed. The path moves away from the bustle and enters a silent forest where the boxwood stands out, a Mediterranean shrub that gives its name to the trail.

Fuente de Baños

This is one of the main attractions of the town – a hot spring with a flow rate of 6,000 litres per minute, which allows the river Mijares to recover part of the decline that it suffers upstream for the diversion to the course to the Cirat dam. According to the legend, the Moorish king Zeit-Abu-Zeit had built a bathhouse for women of his harem to be maintained always beautiful and young. Nowadays it is an excellent rest area, which is also equipped with picnic areas and playgrounds.
Its water was declared public utility by the Royal Order of October 13, 1863. For its constant temperature of 25 ° C, the water has hypothermal effects and makes bathing pleasant throughout the year. It also has hydro geochemical and biological properties beneficial to health.


Cinglo de los Castillejos

The Senda Cinglo de Los Castillejos is a branch of the La Bojera trail with a strong and interesting climb to the point of the municipality with the best views. Recommended for regular hikers.
This is the point on the other side of the Maimona ravine, which seems unreachable at the beginning of the hike. From here we will have the best views of the valley and appreciate the almost 300m high wall, well-known by climbers from all around Spain.

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