The Benageber Reservoir

The are several interesting routes around Benagéber area, but my favourite one is a loop passing by the dam and the reservoir, the long European distance trail GR-7 (E-4), crossing the Túria river on a hanging bridge, and going up to look at Barchel waterfalls.

Chorros de Barchel

The Barchel Ponds, also known as Barchel Wetlands or Barchel Cave and Waterfall, is a beautiful zone declared Municipal Natural Park in 2016, located between Túria canyons, Chelva municipality and Benagéber reservoir.

The most impressive part is the source of the Barchel waters, also called pond or cave of Barchel Wetlands, 50 meter high waterfall, which you can contemplate from above as well as from below, watching it join the Túria river.



The GR 7 is a long-distance footpath in Spain, Andorra and France. It is part of both the Spanish network of Senderos de Gran Recorrido and the French network of Sentiers de Grandes Randonnées. Part of GR 7 forms the south-westernmost part of the European walking route E4 in Spain. GR 7 runs from Tarifa, near Gibraltar, across Spain, through France into Andorra, and back into France to Mont Aigoual and Aire-de-Côte in the Cevennes.

The trail runs all the way through Valencia with 550km stretching out through the Community and 290 of them in the province. The first village in the province is Andilla followed by Chelva, Benagéber, Cerro Simón, Tabarla, Cortes de Pallas, Collado del Caroche, Casas de Benali, Venta Boquilla and Santiago Reig hut already in Sierra Mariola.

The Reservoir

The area around the reservoir has great landscapes, nowadays the reservoir is filled up to 90% of its maximum capacity, and for this reason this artificial lake looks so gorgeous, giving you a nice contrast between its blue waters and the green of surrounding pine trees.


During summertime it is possible to go kayaking in the reservoir. You can choose between different types of activities – do a relaxed loop, getting closer to the dam and observing from a different point of view or take a longer option and go through the canyon, which goes out for about 7 kilometers giving you the possibility to enjoy the landscape to the fullest.


There is also a free camping area next to the reservoir – Fuente Muñoz, equipped with tables, taps, toilets and even a bar during summertime. A great place to spend a couple of days in the summer with lots of activities to choose from: hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, swimming and simply enjoying the nature.

The Village

The Benagéber village was built next to an old aldea of Nieva in 1950, with straight streets and white houses, with a square in the centre of the village, where the town hall, public school and the church are located. With the construction of the dam, the inhabitants of the old Benagéber village had to move to new housing places, mainly three of them: the new Benagéber village, some 5 kilometers from the reservoir; San Antonio de Benagéber, only 13 kilometers from Valencia, between Paterna and L’Eliana; and San Isidro de Benagéber, next to Moncada, also quite close to Valencia.

Nowadays Benagéber is one of the turistic municipalities of Valencian province, which conserves a very attractive natural heritage, located in the middle of Serranía region; its municipality extending to both sides of Túria river in an area full of mountains and ravines. Pine trees are the main type of vegetation here and can be found all around the area.

Source: Ayuntamiento de Benagéber

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