Trip to Andorra

Middle of Spring is great time to visit Andorra! No introduction is really needed, you can see all the attractions in the photos.

The Plan:

Saturday, 01.04Meet in Valencia at 9:30
Drive to Andorra (2.5 hours)
Visit Andorra (20 minutes)
Get away and never come back
Return to Valencia around 17:00


Andorra is located in the foothills of the Sierra de Arcos at an altitude of 714m. Its town center rises next to a hill that is not too high, although its continuous growth has forced the urban limit to move towards the flatter part. To house the workers coming from the closed Escatrón thermal power plant, the so-called ‘Poblado’ was built.

Agricultural activity in Andorra is very little exploited, dedicating less than 10% of the population to it. It has a cattle area. It also has small industries, settled mostly in industrial estates located on the outskirts of the town (Polígono la Estación, Polígono la Umbría and Polígono PEAN). In 2012, the Aragonese Development Institute established a Center for Entrepreneurs in this town. The service sector is highly developed, as befits its size: Andorra offers an adequate cultural, leisure and hospitality offer to visitors.

Main Attractions

Andorra proclaims itself as the mining capital of the Bajo Martín basin, although its original name was that of Las Masadicas Royas, a neighborhood of Albalate del Arzobispo named after the color of the earth and the buildings themselves. The neighborhood was occupied mainly by shepherds and its ‘masadicas’ were located next to the source of the Regalico de San Julián Fountain, next to which a hermitage was erected in honor of the same saint.

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