Camino by Bike

In the middle of Septembre we’re going to do the Camino de Santiago by bicycle, cycling from Gijón to Santiago de Compostela. This will be a combination of three routes – Camino Norte, Camino de la Costa and Camino Primitivo. Each day we will cycle from 30 to 50 kilometers, which is easily done by bike, especially since we have all day and can make various stops to appreciate the scenery to the fullest – capes, beaches, cliffs, lighthouses and much more.

The deadline to sign up is 29th of July.

We’re going to stay in hotels and rural houses, booked in advance. This way we won’t have to worry about the availability of rooms nor about the place to leave our bikes during the night.

Day 1 (September 12): Valencia – Gijón

The train seems to be the best option to me for various reasons: the is a direct train from Valencia to Gijón; it’s very comfortable; it’s my favourite way to travel, with the possibilty of observing the landscape, while relaxing in your seat and this is the best way to travel with regards to taking care of the environment.

Accomodation: Hotel Begoña

Day 2 (September 13) : Gijón – San Juan de la Arena (49km)

First actual cycling day. In the beginning we’ll have to go through some industrial areas, but after Avilés we’ll get closer to the coast and scenery will get more enjoyable. We’ll ride along Playa de Salinas, make our way around the Asturias airport and finish the day in San Juan de la Arena – a village bordered by Nalón river and Cantabrian sea.

Accomodation: Hotel Playa de las Llanas

Day 3 (September 14) : San Juan – Cadavedo (41km)

Another day passing along various famous beaches. First we’ll cross Nalón river and get to the Playa de Aguilar. After some rest, we’ll continue our journey between the coast and railway tracks until we get to another beach – Playa del Silencio, with spectacular views of the cliffs.

Accomodation: Casa Carín

Día 4 (September 15) : Cadavedo – Navia (36km)

This will be the day of lighthouses and capes, most picturesque being Cabo Busto and Cabo de San Agustín. The day may look a bit short in theory, but in practice we will make it longer with all the rides to and from the capes. In any case, Navia will not let us get bored, as there are many attractive places to visit there.

Accomodation: Apartamentos Arias

Día 5 (September 16) : Navia – Ribadeo (30km)

Another shorter day, but it is worth to finish it in Ribadeo for two reasons: first of all this is the last coastal town on our way, so it’s worth to spend some time there before turning inland; the town also offers many places of cultural interest, such as San Damián fort and the tower of Moreno.

Accomodation: Hotel Villa de Ribadeo

Día 6 (September 17) : Ribadeo – Abadín (53km)

A bit more demanding day physically, with some ascent and descents, but after two relatively easy days we should not have any difficulties. We will make a longer stop in Mondoñedo – an episcopal city, where the time seemingly stopped, one of the most appriciated historical locations in the Camino del Norte.

Accomodation: Casa Goas

Día 7 (September 18) : Abadín – Miraz (54km)

A very green stage, since we’ll be going through some typical Galician landscapes, with local flora like oak and chestnut trees, but also some invasive species – mainly eucalyptus.

Accomodation: Coto Real

Día 8 (September 19) : Miraz – Arzúa (47km)

One more day of exploring Galician landscapes. This day we will also pass by Cistercian monastery in Sobrado dos Monxes and have splendid views from the top of Marco das Pías. This will also be the final day of Camino del Norte, since we leave to take the Camino Primitivo.

Accomodation: Casa Do Zoqueiro

Día 9 (September 20) : Arzúa – Santiago de Compostela (39km)

The final day of cycling – arrival to Santiago de Compostela. Already in the outskirts, from Arzúa, we’ll start feeling it getting closer, by the amount of people we encounter on our way getting larger and larger. Upon arrival we’ll visit the Cathedral and spend a night in the city.

Accomodation: Hostal Costa Azul

Día 10 (September 21) : Santiago de Compostela – Valencia

As on the first day of the trip, I would opt for taking a train, since there is also a direct one to Valencia.

We are going to use the service of to send the bikes to Gijón and later back to Valencia. Therefore it will be necessary to have them ready at least one week prior to the trip. Later we’ll talk about all the necessary equipment needed to do the Camino, the specifics of doing it by bike and other important things.

Price: 575 euros. The price includes transportation (trains), sending the bikes to Gijón and then from Santiago to Valencia and accomodation. The participant limit is 8 people.

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