Camino de Santiago

In the end of July we’re going to finish the Camino de Santiago that we have started last year, walking from Vigo to Santiago de Compostella and doing the prolongation to Finisterre.

Sign up deadline: 20th of June

Day 1 (July 21): Islas Cíes

We will start the journey with a visit to Islas Cíes . There is a regular ferry service from Vigo which will take us there. As we get there will hike around the island, learning about it’s flora and fauna – the best way to spend a day there. In the evening we will take the ferry to come back to Vigo.

Accomodation: P.R. Buenos Aires

Day 2 (July 22): Vigo – Redondela

On the second day we will start the Camino, walking from Vigo to Redondela. The main attraction will be senda da Traída da Agua – a hiking trail that has the virtue of keeping us at elevation, but without slopes, in the mountainous areas of Transmañó and Cedeira, from which we will enjoy foresty stretches, crossed by dirt tracks; from the top, we’ll have impressive and varied views of Vigo river, Cíes Islands, Rande bridge and the San Simón inlet.

Distance: 18.75km
Accomodation: Pensión Jumboli

Day 3 (July 23): Redondela – Pontevedra

The journey to Pontevedra is very pleasant visually, although it is being affected by the development of new infrastructures of the Atlantic. On the way we will contemplate the San Simón cove, with the island of the same name, a kind of luscios lake in the Vigo river.

Distance: 19.86km
Accomodation: Hostal Peregrino

Day 4 (July 24): Pontevedra – Ribadumia

This day we begin the Spiritual Variant – the Origin of all Ways. In the year 44 A.D. the estuary of Arousa was furrowed by the boat that transported the body of Santiago Apóstol. His remains were moved by his disciples, who “led by an angel and guided by a star” arrived at the coasts of Galicia and navigated up the Ulla river to reach Iria Flavia (now Padrón).
Ruta de la Piedra y del Agua deserves a mention as it will be a part of this stage.

Distance: 24.60km
Accomodation: Hostal Santa Baia

Day 5 (July 25): Ribadumia – Vilanova de Arousa

This is the day we arrive in Vilanova de Arousa – the town where our boat stage will begin the following day. Since the journey of the day is quite short, we can walk to the Illa de Arousa – the Natural Paradise of Galicia. In the evening we can walk around the beautiful port of Arousa.

Distance: 10.20km
Accomodation: Hotel Playa Las Sinas

Day 6 (July 26): Villanueva de Arosa – Padrón/Picaraña

The trip between Vilanova de Arousa and Pontecesures is to be made in a pilgrim boat. We will cross the Arousa river and sail up the Ulla River, repeating the journey made by the remains of the Apóstol Santiago – La Traslatio. We will cross the only maritime-fluvial Vía Crucis in the world in which we will discover 17 centenary crosses that mark this path.
In Pontecesures we will return to the Portuguese Way. Since the boat ride is not so long, we will walk to Picaraña, to shorten the next day stage, when we will arrive in Santiago de Compostela.

Distance: 28km (by boat), 10.10km (on foot)
Accomodation: Pensión Residencia Pividal

Day 7 (July 27): Picaraña – Santiago de Compostela

The city of the Apostle is not limited to the rites of the cathedral or the squares and streets surrounding it – an area almost always filled with tourists. At least one full day should be devoted to discovering a World Heritage Site (1985) that is among the best preserved in Europe.
The urban route of the Portuguese Way passes through Santiago along the fountain next to which, according to the Translación legend, the carriage transporting the body of the apostle stopped for the oxen to drink. The water healed a blind man, San Franco de Sena, who had been earlier punished by God for his licentious life.
But our trip does not end here as we are going to do the typical extension to Finisterre in 4 stages arriving at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean again.

Distance: 15.31km
Accomodation: Hostal Costa Azul

Day 8 (July 28): Santiago de Compostela – Negreira

The prolongation to Fisterra starts at Plaza del Obradoiro, along the Rua das Hortas, and takes us out of Compostela in a staggered way, without major upheavals, between semi-rural villages and forests, with views, much more beautiful than those of Mount Gozo (in Santiago), of the old city and the facade of the Obradoiro. The modern villa of Negreira, well deserved to be the head of this land, is just an hour’s walk from magnificent Ponte Maceira.

Distance: 21.26km
Accomodation: Hotel Millan

Day 9 (July 29): Negreira – Ponte Olveira

The stage runs through two clearly differentiated zones. The first traces this valley between reforested mountains in which some oaks and chestnuts still remain. We advance almost all the time along old corredoiras (a narrow and deep carriage roads, which run between fences, walls or other elevations of the land) and trails. We continue through Terra de Xallas, a broad and extensive plateau, with a strong livestock presence, although the eucalyptus trees are taking up more and more space in the meadow. After a longer day we deserve a special place to stay in – a rural house.

Distance: 28.87km
Accomodation: A casa do avo Andres

Day 10 (July 30): Ponte Olveira – Cee

From the bare Buxantes mountains, which extend to the top of Armada, we’ll begin to smell the Atlantic sea, which we will have left on the third day of the Way. The stage ends in the town of Cee – important population center, as well as, the epicenter of services for the Comarca of Fisterra, within the magical Costa da Morte.

Distance: 20.14km
Accomodation: Hostal Pereiriña

Day 11 (July 31): Cee – Finisterre

In a very diverse coast, with rivers, coves and headlands in which beaches and cliffs alternate, the ups and downs never end. The headland of Finisterre is splendid from the viewpoint between Sardiñeiro and Calcoba. Finisterre, the fishing village, has obtained a rite of going up to the lighthouse to contemplate the sunset and pass by the gothic and realistic Santo Cristo.

Distance: 17.66km
Accomodation: Hotel Ancora

Day 12 (August 1): Finisterre – Santiago de Compostela

We can dedicate the morning to the contemplation of the coast and the Atlantic Ocean, but then we will take a bus back to Santiago. In the afternoon we are going to walk around the pilgrimage destination once again as we are going to stay there during the night.

Accomodation : Hostal Costa Azul

On August 2 we will go to the Santiago airport to return to Valencia. The plane leaves at 8:30, so we will be home around 11:30.

Price: 625 euros. Includes all accomodation, flights and other type of transport (boats to Cies Islands and the Arousa-Padrón stage, bus from Fisterra).

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