Halloween Trip

October 29 – November 1

Let’s spend the Halloween holidays hiking in Sierra de Guadarrama. We will get to enjoy the Autumn colours and do the Halloween hike in the best spot for this occasion – Cascadas del Purgatorio.

Sunday, 29th of OctoberMeet in Valencia (Mestalla stadium) at 9:30
Drive to Navacerrada (3.5 hours)
Hike 7 Picos de Navacerrada (medium, 9km, 350m+)
Check-in in our hotel in Navacerrada
Monday, 30th of OctoberDrive to La Jarosa parking (30 minute)
Hike Pinares de Guadarrama (medium, 14km, 400m+)
Visit el Valle de los Caídos
Tuesday, 31st of OctoberDrive to Rascafría
Halloween Hike – Cascadas del Purgatorio (medium, 13km, 300m+)
Wednesday, 1st of NovemberDrive to Puerto de Cotos
Hike to Peñalara peak (medium/high, 14km, 650m+)
DRive back to Valencia (3.5 hours)

Siete Picos de Navacerrada

One of the most classic, simple, and scenic routes is the famous circular route of the Seven Peaks that starts from the Puerto de Navacerrada.

Once at the top, the view is simply spectacular, as you can see both the Madrid and Segovia sides, as well as towns like Cercedilla in Madrid or the capital of Segovia. The summit of the Seven Peaks is a succession of small ups and downs between large granite rocks, forming a unique landscape that is visible from dozens of kilometers away. To reach each peak, one must ascend with great care, and if one does not feel safe, they can simply go around and continue along the main path. The highest of them all is the most famous peak of the Seven Peaks, the Pico de Somontano or Seventh Peak, at 2,138 meters above sea level. Once this is overcome, the next stretch is practically downhill until the parking area of the Navacerrada Pass.

Los Siete Picos – Turismo Madrid

Cascadas del Purgatorio

In the Paular Valley (Rascafría), the hiking route to the Purgatory waterfall is one of the most beautiful spots in the Guadarrama Mountain Range.

Circular route starting from the Royal Monastery of Santa María de El Paular, passing through the Bridge of Forgiveness and the recreation area of Las Presillas until reaching the Cascades of Purgatory. The approximate time to complete this route is about 4 and a half hours. It is one of the most spectacular natural spaces in the Community of Madrid. This waterfall complex is formed by the imposing cliffs located in the Majada Grande. Its flow remains constant throughout the year, although the most impressive sight is during the rainy months.

Cascadas del Purgatorio – Turismo Madrid

Pinares de Guadarrama

You can start this beautiful route from the La Jarosa Reservoir, which is located three kilometers from Guadarrama. It is a route where you can walk along forest tracks or easy paths through pine forests, poplars, streams, and even some remnants of the Civil War. You can start the route from the La Jarosa II parking lot and then follow the path known as “Calle de los Álamos” parallel to the course of the stream. As you progress, you will come across several remains of Civil War buildings. Without deviating, you will also find an old log loading area and later a gently ascending stretch that will lead you to a meadow known as the Tomillar meadow. There, you will see a junction with the asphalted forest track, which you will walk for less than 2 km to reach an area known as Bosque Plateado, named after the silver-colored bark of the larch pines.

El Valle de los Caídos

The Valley of Cuelgamuros, formerly known as the Valle de los Caídos, is located in the municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in Madrid, and is the main monument of Francoism. It was conceived by the dictator Francisco Franco to commemorate his military victory in the war (1936-1939), which was triggered by a coup d’état by a faction of the army against the democratic government of the Second Republic on July 18, 1936, and to bury his supporters.

Valle de Cuelgamuros | Patrimonio Nacional

Peñalara Peak

This is one of the most famous hiking routes in Madrid. The 14 kilometre route leads you to discover the stunning landscape of lagoons and glacial formations in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. It also takes you to a unique viewpoint: the Peñalara Peak, the highest summit in the region.   There are many routes and paths you can take to discover the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, its natural wealth and most iconic landmarks. The Peñalara circular route is one of the most popular routes with hikers. It covers the massif of the same name, which is known for its mountaineering tradition and for having the best glacial remains in the Sierra de Guadarrama. The path leads hikers to the main summit, the Peñalara Park, which is 2.428 metres high, and then continues its route among its lagoons. The circular route is 14 kilometres long, well sign-posted and has 650 metres of ascents and descents. A route of intermediate difficulty, as it is a high mountain route there are stretches of added difficulty where extra precautions need to be taken, particularly in winter.

Peñalara Route – Spain.info

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