Hiking On Demand

Did you miss a cool hike that we went to and really want to do it? Here is your chance with On Demand Hiking.

The concept is simple: you choose a place and time, and we go hiking. Normally there would be a minimum of 3 people for the hike, but there can be exceptions (the price would change though). Since I am getting rental cars, the price heavily depends on the current rental rates. But in general, the more of you are coming, the cheaper the hike is for each one of you.

There is a big advantage in choosing a weekday for the hike, since even the most popular spots are usually empty, or have 1 or 2 people there, as opposed to bigger crowds during weekends.

The hikes get even more fun if you are willing to do it together with people outside your group. This way you also get to meet new people and practice different languages.

Top Three Hikes of the Season

As we move from the hot Summer temperatures to milder ones of Autumn, we can focus on slightly more strenuous hikes both inland and close to the coast. The mountains around Valencia surprise visitors with the diversity of trails and landscapes, so it quite hard to choose specific ones. However, here they are:

The Most Famous Hikes

That being said, there are several hikes in Valencian Community that are the most famous among tourists and attract lots of hikers. The top three hikes are

In fact, they are so popular that on weekends these place attract rather big crowds of people. As such, we usually avoid going there on weekends and hike these routes during the week, when the trails are almost empty.

Feel free to look up other Past Hikes or if you have any suggestions – I’m definitely up for anything.

If you are interested in going on hike, please send us an email to info@valenciamountainenthusiasts.com or use the button below to chat on WhatsApp.