Pyrenees in Summer

At the beginning of July we will go to the Pyrenees to spend 5 days walking around the Monte Perdido, enjoying the landscape of the famous mountains and taking a look at France at times since we will be very close to the border.

We’ll leave Valencia on the 8th of July and go to the accomodation place location (Casas de Zapatierno) by car. This day we’ll walk around and get to know the area, since we won’t have time to do a full route. Over the next 4 days we are going to do different routes proposed by local guides. Obviously, the daily activities can be adapted depending on the physical shape of the group.

On Saturday, the 13th we’ll do some short activity in the morning and head back to Valencia in the afernoon.

Sign up deadline: 20th of June

The idea is to do 4 circular routes, so we can walk during the day and stay in the same place all the time. The routes are somewhat hard, so it is essential to be accustomed to hiking and be in good physical shape. In any case, the area offers a variety of routes and we can adapt the activities we do every day to the group’s state.

The routes are proposed by the Monte Perdido Extrem team and all the activities are going to be done in collaboration with them.

Total price: 285 euros.
The prices includes 5 nights of accomodation and transport from Valencia, as well as transportation to the beginning of some routes.

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