Pyrenees – Valle de Tena

24th – 30th of August

The most mountainous trip this summer – the Spanish Pyrenees, Valle de Tena. We will spend most of the time in the mountains, hiking from hut to hut for 4 days and finish the trip with more relaxing 2 days in Formigal.

The plan:

August 24Transfer Valencia – Balneario de Panticosa
Accommodation – Casa de Piedra (Mountain Hut)
August 25Picos del Infierno (12km, 1280m+)
Accommodation – Ibones de Bachimaña (Mountain Hut)
August 26Gran Facha (15km, 1200m+)
Accommodation – Ibones de Bachimaña (Mountain Hut)
August 27Ibones de Bachimaña – Refugio de Respomuso along GR-11 (9.5km 680m+)
Accommodation – Respomuso (Mountain Hut)
August 28Refugio de Respomuso – Formigal along GR-11 (18km, 230m+)
Accommodation – HG Alto Aragón (Hotel)
August 29Rest Day (with some easy walking)
Accommodation – HG Alto Aragón (Hotel)
August 30Transfer Formigal – Valencia

Note that most of the nights we are staying in mountain huts. The huts provide showers with hot water, meals and blankets. The rooms are bunk bed type, 4 to 6 persons per room.

IMPORTANT. This trip requires certain experience in mountaineering/hiking. We will spend 4 days in remote location and climb up to 3000 meter high peaks.


Ibones del Pirineo

Ibón in the Aragonese language is a high mountain Pyrenean lake formed by glacial geological processes in the ice age, approximately 30,000 years ago. Located in natural places of great beauty, the altitude and climatic conditions of the environment influence their characteristics and particular morphology. The Aragonese lakes are protected, because they are within a Protected Natural Area. The depth varies from one to another, since there are shallow lakes, less than 0.5 m, and others that exceed 25 m in depth, such as the Tebarray lake.
The water in the lakes is fresh and cold, due to the fact that they receive their water from the thaw. They have a great natural value for the fauna and flora that they house, newts and frogs are some of these inhabitants. Trout were artificially introduced and are the main predator of the Pyrenean newt, an autochthonous amphibian endemic to the Pyrenees.

Circuito de la Gran Facha

Between the regions of Lake Marcadau and Respomuso-Bachimaña rises the Gran Facha, a perfect pyramid that rises almost 3,000 meters above sea level. It rests on three edges around other glacial cirques and numerous lakes. The proposed mountain route that requires a good level of knowledge and training, but the trails are marked and the shelters duly signposted. The location of the refuges allows you to enjoy a wonderful three-day circuit that, without any additional effort, can include the ascent to the Gran Facha, the king of the granite pyramids.

Picos del Infierno

Picos del Infierno are three peaks of very similar altitudes separated by a sharp but affordable ridge that can be traversed on foot. The proximity of these attractive more than 3,000m high peaks to the Panticosa spa complex and the fact that their ascents do not present great difficulties and are relatively easy and fast, make them very popular peaks. They are traveled by mountaineers looking for great landscapes and alpine sensations. The construction of the Bachimaña refuge, right next to the Bachimaña Bajo reservoir, has increased the number of hikers who visit the massif and who ascend los Infiernos through the Saretas pass, years ago less frequented.

Mountain Huts

Ibones de Bachimaña (2200 m)

Refugio de los Ibones De Bachimaña is located in the municipality of Panticosa, in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees. This new and modern mountain hut is equipped to serve as a sports facility, as well as a to provide public services, offering guests a wide range of mountain activities. The Casa de Piedra mountain hut, in the Balneario de Panticosa, supplements the services offered at Ibones of Bachimaña, expanding their potential use given the short distance between the two.
Refugio de los Ibones de Bachimaña is located on slopes that lead to an entire series of glacial cirques. The floor of the cirque is today dotted by several lakes, including Gramatuero and Pezico and the well-known Ibones Azules, and topped by an impressive range of stunning peaks and ridges, some –like Los Infiernos, La Gran Facha and El Garmo Negro y Argualas– higher than 3,000 meters. The mountain hut is also located along the GR11 Pyrenees Trail, perfect for hiking, climbing and a range of activities for different levels.

Respomuso (2200 m)

Refugio de Respomuso is located on the banks of the tarn bearing the same name, in the Piedrafita cirque and on the skirts of mount Balaitus, the westernmost three-thousand in the Pyrenees. The special high mountain features of this cirque, with its jagged peaks, crests and glaciers make it a famous spot for all mountain sports in the Pyrenees. It was built in 1993.
When it was first constructed, the mountain hut marked a milestone, since it was the first high-altitude mountain hut in Aragon with indoor bathrooms. And it also has a waste water treatment plant.

Sign Up

The price of the trip is 475 Euros per person (95 euros paid in advance to reserve the spot). This includes transportation, accommodation in huts(meals included) and hotel (meals not included), insurance and a professional guide.

It is possible to sign up till 10th of August. Payments by Bizum or bank transfer are accepted.

You can use the button below to reserve your spot / get more info about the trip or contact us by e-mail to

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