The Geological Weekend

7 – 9 of October

During this weekend trip we are going to explore the best of the Geological Park of Aliaga (Teruel). The area offers splendid hikes with lots of things to see – waterfalls, huge canyons and unique rock formations.

Saturday, 7th of OctoberMeet in Valencia (Mestalla stadium) at 9:30
Drive to Pitarque (2 hours)
Hike to Pitarque river headwaters (medium, 11km, 250m+)
Night in the hotel in Aliaga
Sunday, 8th of OctoberTransfer to Allepuz (30 minutes)
Hike Camino de los pilones (medium, 16km, 350m+)
Visit Órganos de Montoro
Night in the hotel in Aliaga
Monday, 9th of OctoberHike Barranco de la Hoz Mala (medium; 13km, 300m+)
Return to Valencia around 18:00

You can read about our previous visit to Aliaga here: Geological Weekend in Aliaga – Valencia Mountain Enthusiasts

Geological Park of Aliaga

The Geological Park of Aliaga – a great natural landscape, which constitutes an exceptional viewpoint over the last 200 million years of Earth history. Some of its splendid geologic formations and structures, modelled into impressive landforms, have been highly valued by scientists as almost unique examples in the world. 

The Aliaga geopark allows us to cast a new glance at the Earth, to put new questions. The superposed rock layers are the book sheets where the history of our Planet is written. The points of interest within the geopark make up two different itineraries. The first one is more “scientific” and representative of the regional geology; it includes 11 points showing informative panels. The second itinerary has a more “touristic” aim and includes 9 points, some of them coinciding with those of the scientific itinerary. 

Geological Park |

Senda Fluvial de Aliaga

The trail consists of two parts – the fluvial path along Guadalope river and Hoz Mala gorge. The fluvial path is an easy walk along the river that starts from Santa Barbara neighbourhood (where we are going to spend the night) and later passes through the town of Aliaga.
The second part commences from the esplanade above the Power Station. From here, follow the small dirt road without sign posts that will take you to the mountain crest in 30 minutes. From here you can see the Hoz Mala gorge, and get an excellent panoramic view of the whole area. During this excursion you will get a chance to spot vulture nests, shrubs and aromatic herbs as well as the Power station dam.

Before starting the Hoz Mala path we can enjoy its viewpoints, starting the hike at the top of the Aldehuela. Here we can take a small unmarked trail that will take us to the crest of the mountain in about 30 minutes. From there we will see the ravine of the Hoz Mala, and an excellent panoramic view of the entire area. The excursion to La Hoz departs from the reservoir dam on the left bank, going down to the river and going up again on the right bank, seeing unique landscapes with spectacular geological formations. Going along this path all the way inside the Barranco de la Hoz Mala to the Masía de la Tosca, continuing a running route that, passing through the Boca del Infierno, will lead us to the Vallore straits.

La Hoz Mala | Ayuntamiento de Aliaga

Nacimiento del Río Pitarque

This beautiful corner of Maestrazgo is one of the landscapes of wild nature that you can’t miss if you want to go hiking in a unique natural environment. The true source of this river is located in the municipality of Fortanete, but its small flow disappears shortly after birth and re-emerges with a plentiful volume in Pitarque.

The Natural Monument of the Pitarque River headwaters protects an important population of griffon vultures and mountain goats, well-preserved mixed forests, as well as sensitive animals such as the otter. Pitarque is a lively river with crystal clear waters that gushes out of the rock through two karstic springs or “eyes”. Along its course, there are deep pools of crystal clear water and small waterfalls. A trail starting from the same village will lead you through this beautiful route that runs parallel to the river.

Nacimiento del Río Pitarque | Turismo de Aragón

Camino de los pilones

This is a very curious itinerary because it is marked by more than one hundred stone pillars, built in the 18th century, and which served as a guide in snowy seasons and during the frequent fog at this altitude. The walk is declared a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC, acronym in Spanish). It is also known as the Route of Jaime I because there is a record that this king took this route on some occasions, marching towards the conquest of Valencia.

Camino de los pilones – Turismo del Maestrazgo

Órganos de Montoro

Under the majestic presence of impregnable cuttings, the Guadalope River seeks a hollow space to cross the great wall that constitutes the Organs of Montoro, a miracle of nature and a magnificent example of the patient erosion of the water.

No one goes unnoticed by this architecture invented in the rock, this stone trumpet, this forceful and vertical clamour. The vertical escarpments and sharp ridges that mark the road reach their maximum splendour here, leaving before us panoramic views that leave us speechless and where any photograph will be insufficient.

Declared a Natural Monument by the Government of Aragon in 2010, it is also included in the ZEPA protection figures “Río Guadalope – Maestrazgo” and LIC “Muelas y Estrechos del río Guadalope”.

Órganos de Montoro – The Silent Route

Accommodation – Molino Alto de Aliaga

Hotel Molino Alto de Aliaga, a dream place, where time does not run and the environment falls in love. A charming rural hotel, in an enchanted place, where streams, poplars and rocks merge with the hotel to transmit sensations of peace and disconnection.

The Hotel maintains the essence of the old Mill, although it has been completely renovated. It has twelve rooms decorated with elements that intervene in the grinding process, fully equipped, all of them exterior, with a full bathroom, heating, television and minibar.

Hotel El Molino

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