The Lighthouse Way

12th – 21st of August

Let’s go to Galicia to do one of the most impressive long distance coastal trails in the world – the Lighthouse Way (O Camiño dos Faros). We will hike from Malpica all the way to the end of the world – Finisterra.

August 12: Transfer from Valencia to Santiago de Compostela.
August 13: Malpica-Niñóns (21,3 km)
August 14: Niñóns – Ponteceso (27,1 km)
August 15: Ponteceso – Laxe (25,3 km)
August 16: Laxe – Arou (18,2 km)
August 17: Arou – Camariñas (23,8 km)
August 18: Camariñas – Muxía (32,6km)
August 19: Muxía – Nemiña (25,3km)
August 20: Nemiña – Fisterra (26,9km)
August 21: Transfer from Fisterra to Valencia

We are going to meet in Santiago de Compostela on the 12th of August and spend the night there (Hotel Pico Sarco II). The following morning we are going to take the bus to Malpica and start our journey on foot! The accommodation is in twin rooms sharing it with another person. Most of the days we are staying at the stage finishing point, except for stages 1 and 7, when we are going to take a taxi to get to and from our hotel.
On August 21st we will take the bus back to Santiago to return to Valencia from there.

The photos and the description of stages were kindly provided by O Camiño dos Faros team.

Their Website: O Camiño dos Faros (The Lighthouse Way)

Facebook page: O Camiño dos Faros | Facebook

Stage 1: Malpica – Niñóns

O Camiño dos Faros starts from the smallest lighthouse but not the least important on. The trail starts by the lighthouse at the entrance of the port in Malpica to reach the beach of Niñóns after walking 22 kilometers, with loads of slopes along the way. Along the route, there are 6 calm beaches with their bays, the Sisargas Islands with their lighthouse, huge cliffs and Punta Nariga lighthouse.

Distance: 21,3km
Elevation: 555m+/550m-
Highest point: 128m above sea level
Accommodation: Casa da Vaca

Stage 2: Niñóns – Ponteceso

The second section takes us through an infinite variety of landscapes from Niñóns to Ponteceso. The first inlets and lonely coves lead us to the cliffs of Cabo Roncudo and, from there, to the interior of the Ría de Corme-Laxe, where everything changes again. The Monte da Facha and the entire mouth of the Anllóns River with the dunes of A Barra complete a journey that will leave you with your mouth open.

Distance: 27,3km
Elevation: 697m+/700m-
Highest point: 137m above sea level
Accommodation: Pensión Teyma

Stage 3: Ponteceso – Laxe

The Estuary of Anllons River is the beginning of the third stage. It will take us to the constructions of our ancestors in Borneiro and Dombate, before the Mount Castelo de Lourido, the highest point of the Camiño dos Faros. From there, we will go down to the estuary again to visit the spectacular coast of Cabana, full of furnas and charming beaches. From Punta do Cabalo we will arrive at Laxe, where we will cross its beach to finish the stage.

Distance: 25,3km
Elevation: 569m+/571m-
Highest point: 314m above sea level
Accommodation: Hotel Vida Mar de Laxe

Stage 4: Laxe – Arou

The fourth is the shortest and easiest section and is the most suitable for starting out in O Camiño dos Faros. After walking the Monte da Insua and the Laxe Lighthouse, we will go up to the Peñón de Soesto to contemplate its wonderful beach. We continue our journey that brings us closer to Praia de Traba, with its lagoon full of natural life. The end of the stage runs through a spectacular stretch of rocks to Camelle, where we can visit the Museum of Man, before reaching Arou.

Distance: 18,2 km
Elevation: 274m+/272m-
Highest point: 95m above sea level
Accommodation: Os Faros Pisos Tuísticos

Stage 5: Arou – Camariñas

In this stage we will pass through the heart of O Camiño dos Faros – A Costa da Morte. A steep coast that we will cover all over, stopping at each point and contemplating the virginity of its landscapes. The small Porto de Santa Mariña gives us access to Praia de Trece and the Cemetery of the English. From there, through a very comfortable section, we reach the Vilán Lighthouse, a key point on this road. The end of the stage runs through the entire Arco do Vilán to Camariñas.

Distance: 23,8km
Elevation: 303m+/303m-
Highest point: 73m above sea level
Accommodation: Hotel O Parranda

Stage 6: Camariñas – Muxía

The sixth section is the longest of this trail but it is also mostly flat. We will cross the entire Ría de Camariñas, with softer landscapes and beautiful villages that will give us another point of view on the route. In the second part, quiet sandy areas of the mouth of the Rio Grande and the wonderful Praia do Lago bring us closer to Muxía, where we will arrive at the Barca Sanctuary after the ascent to Corpiño Mount. About ten hours of walking before ending at Praia do Coido.

Distance: 32,6km
Elevation: 520m+/517m-
Highest point: 87m above sea level
Accommodation: Hotel La Cruz

Stage 7: Muxía – Nemiña

The coast from Muxía to the Touriñán Lighthouse is a rugged and almost inaccessible coast that the trasnos managed to join creating a spectacular route. We are in the hardest part of the trail and we must take it calmly until we reach Praia de Moreira. From there, the section softens to the Touriñán Lighthouse, the westernmost point of peninsular Spain, and the Nemiña Beach, the end of this section that leaves no one indifferent.

Distance: 25,3km
Elevation: 851m+/844m-
Highest point: 259m above sea level
Accommodation: Hotel La Cruz (Muxía)

Stage 8: Nemiña – Fisterra

In this trail of unique natural diversity, this last section could not be missed. From Nemiña to Fisterra a succession of cliffs and beaches seem to be emerging with no way to stop them, one after another. In between, stories like the Cason or the visit to the unexcavated maritime fortress of Castromiñán. Hard stage but if you have arrived from Malpica, nothing will stop you before reaching the Fisterra lighthouse, the perfect culmination of this incredible adventure.

Distance: 26,9km
Elevation: 964m+/867m-
Highest point: 226m above sea level
Accommodation: Hotel Ancora

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