The Mediterranean Trail

15 – 21 of March

Let’s escape from Fallas and go for a 6-day journey, walking 4 stages of the Mediterranean Trail in the north of the Costa Brava, spending one day in the beautiful city of Girona, and crossing the French border on foot, with a visit to Perpignan at the end of the trip.

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The GR-92 is also known as the Mediterranean Trail; the itinerary of this trail follows the entire Catalan coast in 31 stages and 560 kilometers. Walking on it we will enjoy the enormous diversity of the Catalan coast. We will hike from small coves to long fine sand beaches, up to incredible cliffs, and through natural spaces of great value such as Cap de Creus Natural Park or the Empordà Aiguamolls. The trail also enters most of the massifs of the Catalan coastal mountain range: Collserola, Montnegre and Corredor, Conreria or Garraf, among others. During the sections that run along the sea, mainly on the stretch of the Costa Brava, we will take advantage of all kinds of coastal roads, among which the original Camino de Ronda stands out. Some roads that historically run along the coast, mainly used by coast guards to monitor the smuggling of tabacco; but also fishermen and sailors, to go fishing or in case of shipwreck. Today these trails are used not only as a passage between several coves, but as a place to stroll enjoying a landscape of sublime beauty.

Official website: GR-92

Sunday, 15 of March: Travel Day + Girona

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We will take the Valencia – Barcelona – Girona train in the morning and spend the afternoon in Girona, walking through the historic center and warming our legs for the next day’s walk. We will also spend the night in Girona, so we will have enough time to get to know the city.
The next day we will take the bus to Sant Martí d’Empúries, where our trek begins.

Accommodation: Hotel Condal Girona

Monday, 16 of March: Sant Martí d’EmpúriesEl Cortalet

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This easy stage of GR 92 begins following the main itinerary of the Aiguamolls del Empordà Natural Park, which is an ecological jewel. When starting this natural itinerary, it is advisable to correct the hiking mentality a bit and make it “naturalistic”. You have to forget about the clock, keeping them in the backpack, as well as the information about the GR92, and follow the guidelines of the information center. The GR92 adventure has one of its friendliest moments in the company of landscape, flora and especially the fauna of the park. Once outside the park, the GR92 closely borders River Fluvià to Armentera across lands of high ecological value. After a bit of rural landscape they sell the “main dish” of Sant Martí d’Empúries and the port and debris of Empúries. A very busy and attractive promenade until la Escala completes the walk that will satisfy everyone.

Distance: 20,23 km
Accommodation: La Casona – Calma Chicha

Tuesday, 17 of March: El Cortalet – Roses

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We fully enter the flat part of Alt Empordà, formed by the Muga and Fluvià river basins. The Aiguamolls del Empordà Natural Park is located here, which is an ecological and landscape jewel of our country. The GR92 runs through the majority of its points of interest, starting with the Vilaüt Lakes followed by the Park Information Center . The counterpoint of human implantation el mujer Castelló de Empúries, with important monuments and harmonious set.

Distance: 16,34 km
Accommodation: Hotel Prestige Mar y Sol

Wednessday, 18 of March: Roses – Cadaqués

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The interest of the itinerary is always kept at a maximum, enjoying a great variety of landscape details at all times, both in the interior section with its incomparable views of the sea, such as the coastal section, which constitutes a continuous discovery of coves, cliffs and other places reserved for those who undertake this “friendly adventure”.
The Salvador Dalí House Museum is one of the most visited places in Cadaqués, considered an essential visit to get to know the painter’s universe. It is located in the bay of Portlligat, north of the town, surrounded by the beautiful landscape that captivated the artist. It is formed by a set of fishermen’s huts that were acquired by the painter and his wife, Gala, giving it a labyrinthine shape.

Distance: 21,67 km
Accommodation: Hotel Octavia Cadaqués

Thursday, 19 of March: CadaquésLlançà

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We’ll leave the fishing village of Cadaqués where the memory of Salvador Dalí is in every corner and walk to Puerto de la Selva, a town in the vicinity of Cap de Creus Natural Park. The destination of the day is the Port of Llançà. Near the location of where the town of Llançà stands today, the ancient city of Deciana, founded in 218 BC, near the Roman road that in the Rosselló branched off and crossed the Pyrenees through the mountainous ports of la Massana y el Portús.

Distance: 20,29 km
Accommodation: Hotel La Goleta

Friday, 20 of March: Llançà – Portbou – Cerbére

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The last (or the first) stage of GR 92 takes us from Llançà to Portbou. We will cross Sierra de la Albera with spectacular views of this first stretch of the Costa Brava. We will visit the town of Colera and then step on the beach of Garbet that brings us closer to the Chief of Ras. In the course of our walk we will have enjoyed some lovely coves.
Since the stage is short (9.82 km) we will extend it and cross the French border to finish the stage in Cerbére, Fráncia. After resting and having a post-walk drink in the village we will take the train to Perpignan, where we will spend the night and the first part of the next day.

Accommodation: ibis Perpignan Centre

Saturday, 21 of March: Perpignan + Return to Valencia

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About 30 km from the border with the Pyrenees, and just over an hour by train from Barcelona, you will find the town of Perpignan. Being the last important Occitan city before crossing the border, Perpignan is characterized by squares surrounded by palm trees, impregnated with Mediterranean culture and climate, and a historic center of harmonious architecture, where Gothic art predominates.
In addition to being known by visitors as one of the best sites in the region to savor local gastronomic specialties, there are many reasons to visit this jewel of southern France.

In the afternoon we will take the train Perpignan – Barcelona – Valencia and will be back home before dinner.


The towns of the Costa Brava attract a lot of tourists , so the accommodation options are plentiful. We will spend the night in twin rooms in hotels near the coast with breakfast included.

GR® 92 Etapa 4

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