Trip to Latvia

11-19 of August

This is a trip to an “exotic” country for most Spanish people – Latvia. We will spend a couple of days in the capital, go hiking in the national park of Gauja and get to know the central part of the country visiting palaces, waterfalls and natural parks.

We’ll start the journey on Sunday, 11th of August and come back on Monday the 19th. To get there we will first take a bus from Valencia to Barcelona airport and then a direct flight to Riga.

Deadline for signing up: 17th of June

Day 1 (August 12): Walking around the Old Town

The first day will be dedicated to the exploration of the capital. We will walk through the old city, visit the House of the Black Heads (on the photo), Rīga Cathedral, climb the tower of St Peter’s Church that offers great views of the surrounding area and the river, and have dinner in a medieval restaurant – Rozengrals.

Day 2 (August 13): Riga’s bridges and Central Market

On the second day we are going to explore the Daugava river (700m) and cross it 4 times along the bridges built over the river. We will also stop at a central market – on of the largest and most visited in Europe. Then we will have dinner in a very famous place, known for its typical national cuisine – Lido. In the evening those who want to explore the city at their own pace will have some free time.

Day 3 (August 14): Bike ride to Jūrmala

On the third day we will ride bicycles, since there is a good option to cyclefrom Rīga to Jūrmala (a city next to the sea, with the most beautiful beaches) along the bike lane that goes through typical pine forests of the area.

Since there is an option of leaving the bikes in Jurmala, we will take advantage of that and return to Riga by boat – a picturesque 2.5 hour journey along Lielupe and Daugava rivers.

Day 4 (August 15): Hiking in Sigulda

This day will be a little more active – we will go to the Gauja National Park and hike on the trails of Sigulda. We are going to visit the Gutmanis Cave – the largest cave in the Baltic; Sigulda Castle, raised in the year 1207 by the Order of Livonia; and Turaida Castle – another example of medieval forts. Finally, we can use the cable car that goes over the river Gauja to return to the city.

Day 5 (August 16): Rundāle Palace and Kuldīga

In the morning we will leave the capital in a private bus and visit Rundāle Palace – one of the two most important baroque palaces built by the Dukes of Courland in what is now Latvia. We can combine the visit to the palace with a walk in the countryside and get to a spot where two rivers, Mūsa and Mēmele, join.

A room in Virkas muiža.

After the hike we’ll go to Kuldiga to spend a night there and be able to start the next day walking. The accomodation for this night will be Boutique Hotel Virkas muiža.

Day 6 (August 17): Kuldiga and cape Kolka

In the morning we will walk around beautiful ancient streets of Kuldīga. Kuldīga is one of the prettiest towns in Latvia and it is known, among other things, for the widest waterfall in Europe.

After lunch we’ll head to cape Kolka – a picturesque cape, just 50km from the islands of Estonia. After visiting the cape we’ll start our journey along the coastal roads back to Riga, where we will spend a night in the same place we were in before.

Day 7 (August 18): Riga City Festival

The final day of our trip is also the day of Riga City Festival. The means all kinds of attractions and activities throughout the day, lots of opportunities to try local cuisine and simply enjoy the day together with the local people. The day culminates with a big fireworks.

During the whole trip we will be accompanied by my friend Artyom, who will tell us interesting stories about the places we visit.

We will spend most of the nights (7 out of 8) in Riga, where there are two options: either we get a big apartment (sold out) or stay in a hotel. Both are located in the centre of the city, really close to all the things we are going to visit. The total price for the option of staying in hotel is 915 Euros; if you choose to stay in an apartment (sold out) – 825 Euros. For the nights outside of Riga we can stay in a country house. The price includes accomodation (apartments), all kinds of transportation (plane, buses, bicycles, ufos, boats) and some tickets (palace, musem).

Dining room in Bearsleys Downtown apartments

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