Via Francigena (Italy)

May 12 – May 23

In the middle of May we’re going to embark on a journey to Rome along the historical pilgrimage route – Via Francigena. We will start from the Southern edge of Tuscany – Radicofani, and walk for 9 days admiring the beautiful Italian landscape.

Via Francigena is the common name of an ancient road and pilgrim route running from France to Rome and Apulia, where there were the ports of embarkation for the Holy Land, though it is usually considered to have its starting point on the other side of the English Channel, in the cathedral city of Canterbury. As such, the route passes through England, France, Switzerland and Italy. The route was known in Italy as Via Francigena (the road that comes from France) or Via Romea Francigena (the road to Rome that comes from France). In medieval times it was an important road and pilgrimage route for those wishing to visit the Holy See and the tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul.

History of the route:

Tuesday, May 12: Travel Day

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We will take a 10:35 direct flight to Roma operated by Ryanair, which is expected to arrive at 12:30. Then we’ll go to the train station and take the train to Chiusi. We can spend an afternoon there expolring the old town, visiting the underground city and the cathedral of Chiusi. We will also spend the night here.

More info about Chiusi:

Accommodation: Appartamento il Chiaro

Wednesday, May 13: Chiusi – Radicofani (by bus)

In the morning we will take a bus from Chiusi to Radicofani with a connection in Sarteano. Once we get there, we can have lunch and check into our hotel and dedicate the evening to go up to the Fortress of Radicofani. For centuries, the imposing Fortress has been the symbol of defense and control over the Via Francigena, on the border between Tuscany and Lazio. It had a considerable military importance, being a compulsory stopover for pilgrims and both for travelers. In the evening we can rest and start preparing for our first day of walking.

More info about the Fortress of Radicofani

Accomodation: Casa Della Piazza

Thursday, May 14: Radicofani – Acquapendente

The descent from Radicofani along the old Via Cassia is one of the most beautiful and exciting stretches of the entire Via Francigena: all around us, as far as the eye can see, a hilly landscape and the silhouette of Mount Amiata in front of us, and behind us – the Stronghold. .
Once in Ponte a Rigo we will walk along the valley floor of Paglia river, following the route of the Via Cassia up to Ponte Gregoriano, before facing the last short climb to Acquapendente.

More info:
Monte Amiata
Via Cassia

Total length: 23.9km

Accomodation: La Casa di Teo

Friday, May 15: Acquapendente – Bolsena

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After visiting the Basilica de Santo Sepolcro (its splendid crypt was built based on the church of the same name in the Holy Land), the route continues with no difficulties till San Lorenzo Nuovo, where we can admire a beautiful view of Lake Bolsena.
Descending into the volcanic crater, we can walk along a pleasant route along excavated streets leading to Bolsena, going up and down among olive groves, meadows and woods, with the beautiful views of the lake in the background.

More info:
Basilica Santo Sepolcro
Acquapendente and Via Francigena

Total length: 22.9 km

Accomodation: Appartamento Casa Lago ed Escursioni

Saturday, May 16: Bolsena – Montefiascone

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Among olive groves and scrubland, the trail moves away from Bolsena and goes on with continuous ups and downs and splendid views of the lake. The 360° view that can be contemplated upon arrival at Montefiascone from Torre del Pellegrini is breathtaking.

More info:
Lake Bolsena: A Volcanic Miracle

Total length: 18.2 km

Accomodation: Belvedere del Lago

Sunday, May 17: Montefiascone – Viterbo

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The first section of the route is spectacular, walking along the ancient paving of Via Cassia, still in good condition. We then cross a hilly stretch, with beautiful views of Montefiascone and Viterbo. Descending into the plain we can relax at the Bagnaccio spa, a series of hot water pools, always frequented by pilgrims passing along the Via Francigena. Once in Viterbo, the historical centre and San Pellegrino district are the main points of interest.

More info:
Bagnaccio Spa
Medieval Quarter

Total length: 17.8 km

Accomodation: Tuscia Hotel

Monday, May 18: Viterbo – Vetralla

At the gates of Viterbo, making a small detour, we can visit the ruins of Ponte Camillario, an ancient Roman artifact. The route is a series of ups and downs between fields and woods, made somehwhat challenging only by the total lack of water and refreshment points along the route.
At the gates of Vetralla, with a small detour we can visit the ruins of the Pieve di S. Maria di Forcassi.

More info:
Vetralla and its English connection

Total length: 16.9 km

Accomodation: Albergo Da Benedetta

Tuesday, May 19: Vetralla – Sutri

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After leaving Vetralla, we will walk along a beautiful stretch in a thick forest, before reaching the little church of Madonna di Loreto. From here we’ll cross an immense hazelnut grove and walk along some monumental oaks, before arriving at the Torri d’Orlando – ruins of an ancient monastery.
We’ll continue towards the delightful village of Capranica, and then towards Sutri, a semi-unknown pearl along the Francigena, with its Amphitheater carved into the tuff, the Mithraeum and the beautiful historic center.

More info:
Etruscan Tombs

Total length: 23.6 km

Accommodation: Casavacanze Salza

Wednesday, May 20: Sutri – Campagnano

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The first part of the stage crosses the countryside up to Monterosi.
We’ll continue our journey through the fields, up to the Monte Gelato waterfalls, in the territory of Mazzano Romano, a park area where we can rest. We then enter the Parco di Veio, and walk along a panoramic dirt road, which leads us to the gates of Campagnano.

More info:
Monte Gelato waterfalls
Campagnano di Roma

Total length: 23.8 km

Accommodation: Rometta Flat

Thursday, May 21: Campagnano – La Storta

Leaving Campagnano we can adimire the enchanting views of Latium countryside, before coming to Veio Park, where we’ll flank the Church of Madonna del Sorbo. Then we’ll cross the inhabited area of Formello, where there is a wonderful hostel in the historical Palazzo Chigi, in order to undertake a long track later till Isola Farnese and La Storta.

More info:
Parco di Veio
La Storta

Total length: 23.0 km

Accommodation: Vacanze Romane Olgiata

Friday, May 22: La Storta – Roma

The last leg starts with a long segment along the sidewalk of the Via Cassia, with quite a lot of traffic. Once we’ll pass Grande Raccordo Anulare (the Great Ring Junction) the path enters green Insugherata Park, a wild oasis in the outskirts of Rome. Then we enter once again in the traffic of Via Trionfale, followed by Monte Mario park.
The view from the lookout point of “Mont Gaudii” (the happiness’ Mount) will let us forget all the walking along the road. Finally, we’ll descend to St. Peter’ square – our destination.

Total length: 19.0 km

Accommodation: L’Oasi Verde a San Pietro

Saturday, May 23: Exploring Rome

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We will dedicate the final day to fully explore Rome: the Colosseum, St. Peter’s square and the cathedral and simply walking around the historic centre and admiring the architecture.

In the evening we’ll take a 19:40 direct Vueling flight to Valencia which is expected to arrive at the airport at 21:50.


We will stay in cozy holiday homes and hotels close to the historical centre of each village. Most of the places we’ll stay in include breakfast. Being in the centre will allow us to explore villages without having to do much additional walking and also have dinner in a nice place nearby.

The total price of the trip is 675 Euros (includes flights, accomodation, additional transportation in Italy – train/bus, travel insurance). Advance of 175 Euros is necessary to reserve your spot.

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