Water and Mountains weekend trip

29-30 of June

Warm times are here already, which means it’s time for the classic route – the ascent to Penyagolosa, the most famous mountain in the Community. We will also do the Lucena Watermill Route, which is on our way. This is a weekend trip and we’ll spend a night in Vistabella del Maestrazgo, in a rural house.

Saturday – Ruta de los Molinos de Agua

We’ll start the trip with Ruta de los Molinos de Agua de Lucena del Cid (watermill route). It’s a nice fluvial route along Lucena river, with several options of bathing in its cool waters.
Difficulty: low (10km with 300m elevation gain).

All along the route of Ruta dels Molins d’Aigua Natural Trail we can see the different ways in which humans have been traditionally related to water, maintaining the balance with the environment they inhabited. This relationship between water and human is manifested in the different uses that can be observed along the way such as energy, production and recreation, which are materialized through mills, orchards and areas for bathing.
This route goes through different types of roads and allows you to know the valley of the Lucena River from various perspectives, since the passer-by can walk at the level of the riverbed, but also rise above the whole river, being able to appreciate panoramic views of the valley and village of Lucena del Cid.

Source: Castellon-en-Ruta-Cultural.es


We’ll spend the night in Cases Rurals Penyagolosa. We have already stayed there twice during our trips and it’s one of the best places to spend a night I have been to. There are 4 rooms, 2 double and 2 twin, therefore 8 people can stay. The apartment also has two bathrooms and a kitchen, which seems to have everything and more. As somebody said – “there are more things in this kitchen, than I have at home”.

More info/photos: Cases Rurals Penyagolosa

Sunday – Ascent to Penyagolosa

On Sunday morning we’ll drive a bit to get to santuario de Sant Joan de Penyagolosa and start the hike from there. The route is relatively short so we can hike in the morning and be back in the village by lunchtime. After lunch we’ll return to Valencia.
Difficulty: medium (9km with 500m elevation gain).

The Penyagolosa peak, 1,813 meters above sea level, rises magnificently over the southern half of the province of Castellón. In all the Comunitat Valenciana, only Cerro Calderón (1,837 meters and located in the Rincón de Ademúz) exceeds it. But the imposing Penyagolosa has a special place in the hearts of generations of mountaineers and hikers who started their great adventures here, as it happened before with the different populations that surrounded it, since even today they make a yearly pilgrimage to its lofty sanctuary.
With 300 meter high vertical wall, its spectacular south face rises majestically towards the large populations of the Castellón coast, from where it is unattainable, although tempting for climbers. Its fresh northern slope is softer and a gift for the senses of all those hikers who consider ascending the Peña Colosal that was already named by the illustrious traveler and botanist Cavanilles at the end of the 18th century

Price: 60 euros
Includes transportation, accomodation in rural house and organization.

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