Weekend in Cofrentes

1-2 of June

Let’s spend a weekend in Cofrentes to go for a river cruise, do a hiking route along Cabriel river and visit Chirel castle.

Saturday: el Volcán and Cabriel river

A magnificent circular route located in the Region of Ayora Valley. We will leave from the town of Cofrentes, cross the whole village and pass by the Castle, a beautiful viewpoint, walk over the Iron Bridge to cross the Cabriel River to continue along the Volcanic Route, where we will appreciate interesting geological formations and get closer to Cerro Agras where we will visit el Volcán. Then we will look for the path that runs along the Cabriel River bordering the riverbed on both banks, crossing a magnificent Ribera forest. We will visit Pedanía de Casas de Alcance, cross another bridge over the Cabriel River and pass by the hydroelectric power station of Cofrentes. We will continue parallel to the river along a trail and forest that will take us to an old Gauging Station where the flow of the river is measured. We will continue and pass through a beautiful recreational area where we can stop for lunch and enjoy its charming surroundings, and where the most daring ones can go for a swim.

Source: Wikiloc – Fos Films

After the route we’ll stay in Cofrentes to have dinner and spend a night in
Hotel Rural Torralba. We have four double rooms booked with next day’s breakfast included.

Saturday: Chirel Castle and the Cruise

In the morning we’re going to go up to the castle of Chirel and enjoy the views of the Cabriel river and the canyon. This is a short route, only 3km in total.

Chirel Castle was built at the end of the 15th century. It belonged to the Baron of Cortes de Pallás and was used as the center of the operations of the government troops in the actions against the guerrillas of the rebellious Moors. After the pacification of the territory it was losing strategic importance and being marginalized in a very sparsely populated territory, and its abandonment and ruin was increasing progressively.

Source: Sapos y Princesas

After the castle we’ll return to the village to rest and have lunch in a local restaurant. At 16:00 we have the main attraction of the weekend – the fluvial cruise along the Cabriel river canyon. The length of the cruise is about 30km and lasts about 1.5 hours. It covers the area between the Cofrentes and Cortes de Pallás villages.

After the cruise we’ll return to Valencia. The estimated return time is 19:00.

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