Graffiti & Gastronomy

25th of September

During this trip we will visit to two small villages, filled with graffiti – Geldo and Fanzara, and engage in some gastronomical endeavors: visit Los Corrales cheese shop in Almedíjar and a small winery – El Celler de la Ibola – in Aín.


The streets of Geldo, a small village in Alto Palancia, are full of urban art, and few people know about it.

Thanks to ImaginArte, an urban art festival, the municipality of Geldo (Castellón) has become an authentic open-air museum that tries to promote street art as a tourist and artistic attraction, with the involvement of urban artists, businesses in the area, individuals, communities of owners – who offer their facades and walls – and the public administration. Geldo has more than 20 murals, and in 2021 those will grow in number and quality considerably, thanks to another edition of the ImaginArte urban art festival… Geldo, una pequeña población del Alto Palancia llena de arte urbano (


If there is a surprising town in Castellón, that is without a doubt Fanzara. Located in the heart of the Alto Mijares region, Fanzara is known as the capital of graffiti thanks to MIAU (Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano).

One of the reasons why the province of Castellón stands out is the number of beautiful towns that we can find in its mountainous area. If on previous occasions we talked to you about towns like Culla or Vilafamés, now it’s time to tell you about a very surprising town. Its name is Fanzara, and it began to rise to fame in 2014 thanks to MIAU, the Unfinished Museum of Urban Art. It is still curious that a town with vestiges of the 7th and 6th centuries BC. is currently an open-air museum of modern art… Fanzara, el pueblo de los graffitis en Castellón (

The Cheese Factory

Los Corrales artisan cheese factory was established in 1990 in Almedíjar, within the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park. The cheeses are made with their own original recipes, developed in order to try express the reality of the landscape and the land that surrounds it. Therefore we can say that they make “QUESOS DE AUTOR”. Raw milk preserves the original characteristics of milk, both in nutritional qualities – it preserves vitamins, the structure of proteins and keeps its original bacterial flora intact – as well as in flavor and aromas, since the flora and enzymes present in milk they develop and give us unique and unrepeatable characteristics

Queseria Artesana Los Corrales | (

El Celler de la Ibola

The winery is run by a young couple whose objective is to combat the depopulation of the municipality of Ain, located in the heart of the Sierra Espadán. The project focuses on a small winery where wines with native grape varieties are carefully handcrafted, recovering the winemaking traditions of their grandparents in the town of Aín.
They also strive to keep the fields clean and cultivated, taking advantage of the raw material for the production of native products such as jams, oils, preserves and honey.

El Celler de la Ibola – Bodega en Ain

The Plan:

8:30Meet in Valencia (av. Aragón, in front of Mestalla)
9:30Walk around Geldo
11:00Visit Cheese factory
12:30Wine and Snacks in Aín
16:00Walk around Fanzara
18:30Return to Valencia

Transportation: 9-seater minivan (you can also come directly)
Price: 28 euros (21 euros for members)
Bring 1l of water, comfortable shoes and some snacks (we will also be able to buy cheese).

COVID-19 Safety Measures:
– the temperature of all the participants will be measured prior to getting in the minibus
– wearing a mask is mandatory in all closed spaces

Graffiti & Gastronomy
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