Monte Carrascal

8th of January

Let’s go to Azuébar, a small village in the middle of Sierra Espadán natural park to hike to monte Carrascal. During the hike we will observe some of the best cork oak forests in Valencian Community.

Azuébar is an excellent hiking destination. Just steps from the village, you will find yourself immersed in beautiful landscapes defined by geological formations that will capture your attention. Climb up Peña Ajuerá to see an incredible natural opening in the rocky crag and take some great photos. Archaeological remains have been found in the area, which show that it was inhabited in as far back as the Bronze Age. La Mosquera, a Mediterranean woodland, is another area that will beckon you to come and explore.

Peña Asolá, Monte del Carrascal, Las Balsicas, Pico Bellota and the trail connecting Azuébar and Chóvar are all great options if you’re keen to get your walking boots out. The walk to the castle, which affords beautiful vistas over the village, is the closest to the village. It’s an easy walk. When you reach the top of the hill, you’ll see a Muslim fotress that was built between the 10th and 12th centuries.

Azuébar – Comunitat Valenciana

On the sunny side of the Sierra de Espadán, on the slope facing south, is the municipality of Azuébar, in the Alto Palancia region of Castellón. The town, located on the left bank of the Rambla de Azuébar, is located 300 meters above sea level, and its municipal area extends for 23.39 square kilometers. Azuébar is located in the domain of the Sierra de Espadán, so a large part of the neighboring towns are also mountainous: Chóvar, in the east; Almedijar and Soneja, in the west; Aín, in the north; and Soneja, in the vicinity of the Palancia river, in the south.

Azuébar |

Difficulty: medium (13.5km with 450m elevation gain)
Technical level: medium (wide roads and single track trails)
Meeting point: Mestalla, parking lot on av. Aragón, 9:30 (return to Valencia ~17:30)
Price: 32 euros (28 euros signing up before Friday, 06.01) / 12 euros coming to Azuébar.

The price includes professional guide, transportation, accident and public liability insurances.
Bring at least 1l of water, lunch, long-sleeve clothes and hiking shoes.
Become a member and get a 6-euros discount for every hike.

Monte Carrascal
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