Picos de Europa

20 – 27 of August

One of the most beautiful natural areas in Spain, Picos de Europa is a delight for hikers of all levels. We will spend a week hiking in those mountains and visit some of the most picturesque villages of the area, like Sotres, Covadonga and Potes.

August 20Transfer from Valencia
Accommodation: Hotel San Roque (Santillana del Mar)
August 21Hike Monte Camba (14km 530m+)
Accommodation: Hotel Peña Castil (Sotres)
August 22Hike Ruta del Cares (12km, 200m+)
Accommodation: Hotel Peña Castil (Sotres)
August 23Hike Sotres-Bulnes (12km, 250m+, 900m-)
Accommodation: Hotel El Molino (Cangas de Onís)
August 24Hike Lagos de Covadonga (8km, 200m+)
Visiting the Northern coast (Ribadesella)
Accommodation: Hotel El Molino (Cangas de Onís)
August 25Hike Mirador Ordiales (15km, 600m+; lineal, can be shortened)
Accommodation: Casa Favila (Potes)
August 26Hike Horcados Rojos (11km, 550m+)
Accommodation: Hostal Pineda (Cervera de Pisuerga)
August 27Return to Valencia


Lagos de Covadonga

The lakes of Covadonga are a jewel of nature within the Picos de Europa National Park, here are some of the most incredible landscapes that you have to visit at least once in your life. The lakes of Covadonga, Enol and Ercina, deserve your visit. These two Lakes of Covadonga have a glacial origin and are located more than 1,000 meters above sea level. In this place the Asturian nature seems completely intact by civilization. If you go to the lakes in autumn or winter, we advise you to dress warmly because in the proximity of the Picos de Europa the wind blows and it is very cold.

Ruta del Cares

Known as the Divine Gorge, the Cares route dwarfs us, fascinates us, overwhelms us with its rocky landscapes, its trees in impossible places, its almost inaccessible cliffs, the depth of the valley excavated by the green and crystalline waters of the Cares River, under the watchful eye of Picu Urriellu (Naranjo de Bulnes), which (with luck) we will see at the beginning of the route, in the Poncebos area.

Horcados Rojos

The Horcados Rojos pass is located in the heart of the Massif Central, between the peaks of Pico Tesorero and the Torre de Horcados Rojos. It serves as a natural passage between the area of the Cabaña Verónica refuge and the Urriellu refuge (Naranjo de Bulnes), being a very frequented passage in the famous Crossing of the Massif Central from north to south or vice versa. The climb to the pass is already a wonderful excursion, as its location and altitude (2,343 m.) make it a magnificent viewpoint. Horcados Rojos Viewpoint is one of the essential excursions in the Picos de Europa National Park and is marked with white and yellow markings under the name “PR-PNPE 23”.



Covadonga is a true natural treasure. It unites the excellencies of Atlantic nature in a landscape of great beauty that still surprises today with its purity. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was the inspiration for a pioneering figure in the protection of nature. It has now been one hundred years that Covadonga and its mountains have been the best example for protecting the values and attractions of a unique natural environment from human excesses.

Visit Covadonga | TurismoAsturias.es


Bulnes deserves a visit for many reasons, be it by funicular or on foot. If you prefer scenic beauty and hiking, take the classic mountain path that locals used throughout their lives. The road, appears before us and looks steep at the first change. In the village there is an unusual atmosphere, a rustic reality in which barely a dozen inhabitants are seen, and a good number of Asturian houses, many in ruins, including its parish. The town, that now sees its tourist services reinforced, has a popular bar where you can eat a good stew and other local dishes.

Bulnes, heart of Picos de Europa | Asturias.com


Sotres, the highest town in Asturias, is just 11 kilometers of sinuous road from Poncebos. Someone will tell us that here they are around 200 inhabitants, heirs of a harsh pastoral activity that once crowned the peak with no small effort. Currently climbing Sotres is no longer that kind of challenge, and once up there it is not a mythical village of huts and pastures, but a core certainly urbanized, where farmers, adventurers and entrepreneurs live together. There is a high level of hospitality, mountain guides, and a high quality of handmade products, authentic jewels of the tradition, as much in alimentary matter (sausages, meats, cheeses) as in prized objects of the popular craftsmanship that is born between mountains. There is no shortage of cheese makers of Cabrales, since in Sotres they count on a high number of natural caves for the maturation of the cheese, and that in not few cases they have obtained prizes in the official contests of this product.

Sotres, the highest town in Asturias | Asturias.com


Potes is one of the most attractive villages in Cantabria, in the north of Spain. The village is in the centre of the historic Liébana region, an area that is surrounded by spectacular mountains, with running streams and rivers. Its old quarter has the Property of Cultural Interest designation.

It streets have many bridges, as well as buildings and monuments with centuries of history. Potes was originally the dominion of the Infante Tello (14th century), son of King Alfonso XI of Castile, and in 1445 became the property of the Marquis of Santillana and his descendants, the dukes of El Infantado. Specifically, the tower known as the Torre del Infantado, a sturdy construction dating from the 15th century –and until recently the site of the Town Hall– is one of the most important monuments in the town today.

10 photos to fall in love with Potes | EscapadaRural.com

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