El Morroncillo

19th of November

Sot de Chera offers a vast range of trails, but my favorite is the one leading up to el Morroncillo – the summit with a viewpoint on top, that offers splendid views of the valley, the geological park and the town of Chera on the other side of it.

This very interesting hiking route runs through a place very close to Sot de Chera, rich in geological elements such as cliffs, folds, hills and ravines. The vegetation is variable along the route, since we pass through areas with different conditions of humidity, insolation or types of soil. But perhaps the most interesting thing is to know some of the traditional uses of the forest that have been practiced in the Sot de Chera area for centuries: the production of charcoal, the use of esparto for all kinds of ropes and baskets, and palm hearts to make brooms.

In addition, this hiking route will show us spectacular panoramic views of the municipality of Sot de Chera from the viewpoint of El Morroncillo. To get there we will make a first ascent to Pera, a flat area cultivated with almond and olive trees, passing through narrow ravines and high and shady slopes from which to observe the valley of the Sot river. On days with a clear atmosphere, you can see both the distant peaks of the Iberian mountains in the province of Teruel, and the sea that bathes the coasts of this area of the Valencian Community.

Descubre Sot de Chera | Sendero El Justal (Morroncillo)

Sot de Chera

The landscape around Sot de Chera, its river and banks, its urban nucleus with streets and squares full of planters, pots and trees decorated in a traditional way thanks to the artisan work of Hilando Vidas – a solidarity project, a tribute to all the women who did not have opportunities and the vindication of all those, who today continue to have it more difficult for the mere fact of living in small inland towns.
Now Sot de Chera has more charm than ever, as shown by his participation and success in various editions of Villas en Flor. Villas en Flor is a program that aims to reward municipalities that have beautified their urban nucleus and the quality of life of their inhabitants by creadting an abundance of green spaces… Discover Sot de Chera

Difficulty: medium (10.6km with 450m elevation gain)
Technical level: medium (steep rocky descent)
Transportation: 9-seater minivan (you can also come directly)
Price: 25 euros (19 euros for members)
Meeting point: Mestalla, entrance on av. Aragón, 10:00 (return to Valencia ~18:00)
Bring at least 1l of water, lunch, sunscreen, cap and hiking shoes.

El Morroncillo

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