Monte Picayo by Train

Did you know that there are hiking trails that can be accessed from Valencia by public transport? One of them is the Monte Picayo route in Puzol. The viewpoint at the top offers wonderful panoramic views, and on clear days you can see the entire coast from Castellón to Cullera. You can be walking towards this viewpoint after just 25 minutes of a train ride from the North train station (Estació del Nord).

After a short walk through the town, you will find yourself immersed in the Sierra Calderona natural park. The beginning of the route coincides with the long-distance path GR-10: from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. The trail is called like that because it runs through the entire peninsula, from the Mediterranean Sea in Puzol to the Atlantic Ocean in Lisbon. Very soon you will enter the Lobo ravine and go up the rocky path, following it until it reaches the gravel road. Here you can decide if you want to follow this road to the peak, or take a slightly more interesting path and continue walking along the trails. I always prefer the trails, so I would recommend taking that path.

Once you reach the peak, you can make a stop to rest after the ascent. The viewpoint of Monte Picayo has ample space to relax and contemplate the views of the coast. The proximity to the sea also makes this place one of the best spots to watch the sunrise – a special kind of worm for the early birds. The viewpoint has good places to hide from the possible wind as well, so with a hot drink the experience can become quite cosy. Although I prefer sunrises, the sunsets from here are very beautiful too.

The way back goes along a different trail that descends from the peak to the sanctuary of Santísima Virgen de la Medalla Milagrosa. The sanctuary is open on Sunday mornings, so people who want to visit it can do so, although it is advisable to contact the person managing it first. Here you will have to take another trail – an improvised Via Crucis, with the blue crosses painted on stones. Zigzagging along this path, you will go down to the Monte Picayo urbanization. From here another short walk will take you back to Puzol train station, and after about 30 minutes by train you will be back in Valencia.

Here’s a link to the route on Wikiloc: Monte Picayo from Train Station

This is one of the routes that can be done with public transport. All routes can be seen here – Hikes Accessible by Public Transport.

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