The Hanging Bridges

11th of October

Chulilla is currently considered one of the most visited tourist attractions in the province of Valencia and this is due, mostly, to the impressive hiking trail along the Turia river called “Ruta de Los Calderones” or “Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes“. An excursion that will make you feel tiny walking between the canyon walls, following the Turia river and that will put you in direct contact with one of the most characteristic places in the Valencian Community.

The Hanging Bridges

Although built recently (in 2013), the history of these bridges is much more distant than one may imagine. It all began in the 1950s, with the construction of the Loriguilla reservoir, at the period of “dams”, in the Franco era. The population of Chulilla was increased thanks to the works on the resevoir, since most of the workers who came from outside were staying in Chulilla at that time. Eventually they decided to shorten the route they had to travel twice each day, between Chulilla and the reservoir. To do that it was necessary to build two bridges: one hanging and the other one fixed, which served to cross the Turia canyon in less time. But after the flood that came to Valencia in the month of October 1957, the flow that crossed the Turia canyon was so big that it took the two bridges down. Only in 2013 the initiative to rebuild those bridges was launched to promote tourism in the area and its surroundings.
The highest bridge is about 15 meters over the river, not suitable if you are afraid of heights, and a pathway length of about 21 meters.

El Charco Azul

It is curious to find out the origin of the name “Blue Puddle”, since although the lake is deep blue, the colour it is not the reason for its name. The real reason is Arabic term “Azud“, that indicates the presence of a small dam in the area that was used to irrigate the village orchards. When we arrive at the Charco Azul, we will have the feeling of having reached a kind of dreamy natural paradise. The turquoise blue color of this place together with the walls that surround it (just 10 meters apart at the most narrow point) make this place something incredible.

Difficulty: medium (16km with 400m elevation gain)
Technical level: medium/low (most of the route goes along wide trails)
Transportation: 9-seater minivan (you can also come directly)
Price: 25 euros (19 euros for members)
Meeting point: Mestalla, parking on av. Aragón, 9:30 (return to Valencia ~18:00)
Bring at least 1l of water, lunch, cap, sunscreen and hiking shoes.

COVID-19 Safety Measures:
– wearing a mask is mandatory in all closed spaces

Chulilla - Puentes Colgantes

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