The Barony of Andilla

9 of October

The objective of this route is to hike through the municipality of Andilla in order to link its main population centers (Andilla, la Pobleta, Artaj and Osset). The trail runs entirely through the municipality of Andilla.

Difficulty: medium/high (16.3km with 550m elevation gain).
Technical level: medium (mostly single track trails).
Price: 20 euros (includes professional guide, transportation, accident and public liability insurances).
Meeting point: Mestalla, parking lot on av. Aragón, 8:45
Bring at least 1l of water, lunch, cap, sunscreen and hiking shoes.

The Trail

This trail is intended to be part of the effort to recover the landscapes which have been, and continue to be, a source of agricultural, livestock and cultural wealth that is very important for Andilla. The route has great scenic views, highlighting the landscape of hills and mountains with abundant vegetation of pines such as Aleppo pine, sharing soil to a greater extent, with Rodeo pine, holm oak and juniper. The scrubland, very dense in some areas, is mainly composed of kermes oak, blackthorn, wild rose, bramble, jugs, gorse, mastic, thyme, rosemary and lavender.
The trail is intended for anyone who likes to walk, enjoy nature, observe the landscape and learn about all the cultural and natural heritage that the trail offers us.


Although there are few data on the origin of Andilla, numerous archaeological remains found in the term attest that it was populated by cultures prior to the Bronze Age. Ruins of the 11th century Arab fortification can be seen on the rock that dominates the town of Andilla. Traces of its Arab and medieval past remain near the town: two aqueducts, remains of a road, mills and several crosses. Portal de La Muralla, the Shrine of Santa Margarita and that of Santa Inés, and the Church of the Assumption, are a must for those who come to know Andilla, before or after a complete tasting of its most representative gastronomy, such as the Porridge or the Churra Pot and some delicious Congretes and some Anise Rolls, to finish with a sweet taste in the mouth. Hiking makes Andilla essential for nature lovers. Aimed at anyone who likes to walk, enjoy the environment, observe the landscape and learn about all the cultural and natural heritage that the path offers us, Andilla offers the visitor various routes, including those that are crossed by two Long Distance Trails (GR) that connects different regions of Europe on foot, such as the GR-7 that connects Gibraltar and the Peloponnese, and the GR-10 that connects the Atlantic (Lisbon) with the Mediterranean (Puçol)…. Andilla Turismo

The Three Crosses

There are several crosses in the municipality of Andilla which indicate the medieval origins of the town: Cruz de la Horca, Cruz de San Sebastián and Cruz de Andilla. These crosses were located at the entrances and exits of the towns according to the Christian custom of granting protection and custody to those who wandered off along the roads, while at the same time constituting an obvious sign of power and authority of the one ordering their placement. Cruz de la Horca, for example, is a place where death row prisoners were executed in ancient times and it was seen from both population centers: La Pobleta and Andilla. The crosses are well preserved.

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