Two Waterfall Weekend

3rd – 5th of September

One of my favourite weekend trips we have done so far – the two waterfalls at both side of Valencian Community border, Cascada de Arquero in Teruel and Río Carbo waterfall in Castellón. This time you’ll also have a bonus of the Lucena Mill route added to the trip.

FridayRuta de los Molinos, Lucena del Cid (easy, 7.5km 100m+)
Accommodation: Hotel Mas De Cebrian
SaturdayCascada del Arquero, Puertomingalvo (medium, 8km 100m+)
Walk around the town of Puertomingalvo
Accommodation: Hotel Mas De Cebrian
SundayRío Carbo Waterfall, Villahermosa del Río (medium, 8km 200m+)
Lunch in the guesthouse

You can read about our previous trip to the two waterfalls here: The Two Waterfall Weekend – Valencia Mountain Enthusiasts

Friday: Ruta de los Molinos

This is an easy hike along the Lucena river. The main attraction of the hike is the swim in Toll del Salt – a cool natural pool with crystalline waters coming from the nearby river headwaters.

The route starts from the town and first we will go down to the river. Then we will follow the riverbed until we reach Molí Ros, which has a very nice natural pool below. After a bathe, we are going to head back. Towards the end we will pass by Toll de Carlos – another great place for a dip. Finally, we will arrive at the Badía de Lucena, which also has an impressive suspension bridge. We will have a drink on the terrace in the town after the route and then return to Valencia.

Saturday: Cascada del Arquero

This is one of the most impressive waterfalls that can be found in the vicinity of Valencian Community. Technically it is located on the Teruel side, in the municipality of Puertomingalvo, just a few kilometres from the border with Castellón. The waterfall is called Arquero due to the rainbow arch, which can be seen from a certain angle.

The hike is lineal, starting from the pretty town of Puertomingalvo and going all the way down to the waterfall. The route is quite short, so we’ll have plenty of time to chill and rest at the waterfall. After the hike we will visit the town and have lunch and/or drinks there.


Puertomingalvo is a town and municipality located in the heart of the Maestrazgo Cultural Park in the northeast of the Gúdar-Javalambre region, in the province of Teruel in Aragon, Spain. Surrounded by an incredible natural environment typical of the Serranía del Maestrazgo. It was declared in 2009 a Historic-Artistic Site and Asset of Cultural Interest and as one of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain.

The urban nucleus sits on a rocky promontory presided over by the volumes of the Castle. Complex formed by a complicated network of narrow streets in which good examples of popular architecture stand, highlighting some constructions such as the Town Hall house. Work built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, it presents a beautiful facade made of stone ashlar masonry in which its entrances in the form of a semicircular voussoir arch stand out, as well as its beautiful twin openings on the upper floor. All topped by a wonderful worked wood eaves.

El Pueblo – Ayuntamiento de Puertomingalvo

Sunday: Cascada del Río Carbo

This is my favourite natural pool in the whole Valencian Community – the Río Carbo waterfall. Swimming under the waterfall is always delightful, and it is definitely the case here. I also love the approach to the waterfall from Masía Roncales along the lush fluvial trail.

We’ll start hiking from Masía Roncales and walk along the Carbo river the entire way. There will be several opportunities to at least get our feet wet. We will also cross the river several times, with the help of makeshift wooden bridges. The best part of the hike will be the waterfall, where we can also go for a quick dip to freshen up. As we make our way back, the canyon made by the same Carbo river will be a very pleasant sight.

Accommodation – Hotel Mas De Cebrian

Hotel Mas De Cebrian is set in the countryside and features large grounds, an on-site restaurant and free WiFi.

It is located 8 km from Puertomingalvo and 25 km from Rubielos de Mora, two pretty towns.

Some rooms have a wood-burning fireplace, some have a double bath, some a terrace and others an extra-large bed.

The restaurant offers a gastronomic menu, with home-made cuisine based on local products.

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It is possible to sign up till 1st of September. Payments by Bizum or bank transfer are accepted.

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