The Waterfalls of Chera

3rd of April

A new hike in the heart of Chera-Sot de Chera geological park. The main goal of this route is to link two gorgeous waterfalls near Chera, which now certainly have plenty of water, after all the rainfall of the last couple of weeks.

There are two beautiful waterfalls next to the town of Chera – Chorrero de la Castellana and Cascada y Cuevas de la Garita. The idea of linking the two has been lingering on my mind for quite a while. The time has finally come to put that idea into practice. We will start from Chera and first head down to Chorrero de la Castellana along an easy track. After visiting the first waterfall, we will follow the Reatillo river till we reach a settlement with the same name. From here we will start going back up, leaving Cascada de la Garita towards the end of the hike. As always, we will have an after-hike drink and then return to Valencia.

Chorrero de La Castellana

In the town of Chera (Valencia), and within the course of the Umbría de la Viña ravine, also receiving water from the Ermita ravine -the one that feeds the surplus place known as El Chorrero and the Cuevas de la Garita-, there is a little-known wonder of the province of Valencia. We are talking about the Chorrero de la Castellana, a beautiful waterfall that appears in years of rain and that offers, to those who go to it, a unique spectacle, worth visiting.

El Chorrero de La Castellana | (

Cascada y Cuevas de la Garita

El Chorrero y las Cuevas de la Garita is a magical place, the most beautiful in Chera. It is a beautiful corner worth visiting located inside the Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park, a place that is within the declared Geological Park that needs a lot of care and attention.

Difficulty: medium (12km with 325m of elevation gain)
Technical level: medium (single track trails)
Meeting point: Mestalla, parking lot on av. Aragón, 9:30 (return to Valencia ~18:00)
Price: 31 euros (28 euros signing up by Thursday, 31.03) / 12 euros coming to Chera.

The price includes professional guide, transportation, accident and public liability insurances.
Bring at least 1l of water, lunch, warm clothes and hiking shoes.
Members get a 6 euro discount for every day hike. Visit our store to come a member.

Chera Waterfalls

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