Ten Most Famous Hikes in Valencia

A list of ten most famous hikes in Valencia – the places that you really can’t miss whether you live in Valencia or are just visiting for a couple of days.

1. The Hanging Bridges of Chulilla

Ten Most Famous Hikes in Valencia Chulilla

Chulilla is currently considered one of the most visited tourist attractions in the province of Valencia. Mainly, this is thanks to the impressive hiking trail along the Turia river called Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes. An excursion that will make you feel tiny, while walking between the canyon walls and following the Turia river. And the famous hanging bridges are a cherry on top of this delicious hiking cake.

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2. Roman Aqueduct Peña Cortada

Ten Most Famous Hikes in Valencia Peña Cortada

The main attraction of Valencia’s La Serranía region – Roman aqueduct of Calles, dating more than 2000 years back. The aqueduct gives you the opportunity to walk through tunnels carved in rock, cross impressive bridges, and admire unique scenery of the area. The nearby town of Chelva and its historical neighbourhoods deserve a visit as well. Take a more relaxed stroll through the town, admiring the old Moorish, Jewish, Christian and Arabic constructions.

3. El Garbí Lookout

If you think of el Garbí, rugged rocks and steep cliffs immediately come to mind. Curiously, this is one of the most instagrammable corners of València. But, pay attention! Apart from the photo spot, you can also take the opportunity to have a wonderful hike. Enjoy the nature that surrounds this incredible balcony and discover new places less than an hour from the city.
Surprisingly, Mirador del Garbí is located just 600 meters above sea level. From the top you will be able to contemplate beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, Sierra de Irta, Oropesa, Puerto de Sagunto. On clear days you can even see the Columbretes Islands. Also, if you take advantage and go when it is getting dark, the sunset is incredible.

El Garbí | Love Valencia

4. Forat de Bérnia

The Balcony of Mediterranean – an incredible lookout point with views of some of the iconic towns one the shore of Costa Blanca. A truly unique spot giving you the opportunity to get from the inland slope of a mountain, through a narrow, 25 meters long tunnel. On this same route, you can find some cave paintings or visit the Fort de Bernia. Both are located at the foot of the crests of the Sierra de Bernia, in the municipality of Callosa d’en Sarrià.

5. Penyagolosa

La Penyagolosa is the most famous peak in the whole Valencian Community. And for a good reason, as it dominates all the surrounding area of el Maestrazgo. Rising to 1814 meters above sea level, the peak gives you splendid views of several provinces of Spain: Castellón, Teruel, Valencia, Tarragona and even Alicante on clear days.

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6. Órganos de Benitandús

Órganos de Benitandús are imposing rock formations that remind you of the shape of a church pipe organ. This unique spot is nestled within the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park. Fortunately, it is easily accessible along the circular route from Alcúdia de Veo. From the top of the formations, you can contemplate wonderful views, offering a panoramic of the entire area and of the reservoir. Therefore, this is without a doubt a spectacular place that will leave you breathless. Some also consider it to be similar to the Garbí lookout point in Sierra Calderona.

7. The Serra Castle

Ten Most Famous Hikes in Valencia Serra Castle

It is well worth taking this easy hike in the vicinity of Serra. Following the green hiking route, you will discover the castle of Serra and the views it offers over the coastline and the Sierra Calderona. The fortress rises majestically on the mountain of the same name at an altitude of 536 meters, dominating the Turia valley and the access to the mountains. It is also a superb spot to watch the sunset, both on warm summer and the cooler winter months.

Serra – Ruta Castell

8. Montanejos and Bojera Trail

Along with Sendero de Los Estrechos, Senda de la Bojera is one of the most popular hikes in Montanejos. The highlight of the Bojera route is the vertiginous approach to Barranco de La Maimona. First, you will enjoy it from above and then descend to the riverbed. The path moves away from the hustle and bustle and enters a silent forest where boxwood stands out, a Mediterranean shrub that gives name to the trail.

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9. The Cliffs of Moraira

Ten Most Famous Hikes in Valencia Moraira

The route from Cala Moraig (Benitachell) to Cala Llebeig (Moraira) is one of favourite routes for lovers of hiking and nature. This is mainly due to the spectacular landscapes found along this route along the edge of the cliffs. Few routes exist that run through such incredible places and with authentic postcard views.

La Ruta de los Acantilados (masalladelaciudad.com)

10. GR-7

As a bonus, I’ve included the GR-7 trail. The trail crosses the entire Spain from Tarifa to Andorra, and goes even further until it ends in Greece. In Valencian Community GR-7 crosses the majority of great hiking spots. For example, towns like Morella, Cortes de Pallás, Alcoy and Chelva and Montanejos mentioned before. A delight for the multiple-day hiking enthusiasts.

Tu web de Senderos favorita – Senderos GR

Photo credit: Catherine Salsbury & Dmitry Blatov

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